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  1. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    Has any one recieved a software update for the motorola atrix 4g?
    If you have what has been update or change?

    I heard the motorola atrix is getting an update starting today.

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  2. Jduce

    Jduce New Member

    I got a message saying it was ready to download but I haven't yet. Its 58 MB. If you look at system updates on your phone you can view the details.
  3. arsenalfc

    arsenalfc New Member

    Just checked, and mine is still saying no updates under "System Updates". I'm on AT&T in the US if it makes a difference.
  4. The Wagster

    The Wagster Well-Known Member

    Is the update US only? I'm in the UK and haven't been prompted to update.
  5. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    The update is US only. I checked for updates on mine, but it said "system update not available" somethins like that.

    I heard the messaging app has been updated anything different.?
  6. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    oh and does anyone know if the update was rolled out to everybody or ust the people who signed up, for like the beta or something. Cause i still have not recieved anything.
  7. chowmailap

    chowmailap Well-Known Member

    If there was an update soak that went out to ppl that signed up for Motorola feedback, chances r nobody is going to say anything. One of the conditions of being eligible for early releases of updates is to keep quiet about it.
  8. WirelessGuy

    WirelessGuy Well-Known Member

    Just checked my phone and an update is available and downloading right now.
  9. UAjock

    UAjock New Member

    I got the notice today and it said best to be fully charged, plugged in and on wifi to do the update. Recommended backing up contacts first. I'll wait a few days. v4.5.141

    Release notes don't have anything major, just something about improving stability and reducing the need to reboot (my phone reboots itself about once a week, have to remove battery now and then to do full reboot myself).
  10. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    Are either of you rooted? If so how are you planning to preserve roor or reroot.

    I would like to wait as well, but every hour the update message pops up, can I just download the update but not run it?

    Thanks :)
  11. UAjock

    UAjock New Member

  12. MotoMoto

    MotoMoto Well-Known Member

    I updated the phone this morning and it is now showing 2.3.6 (4.5.141) but I can't see any changes or improvements..
  13. Falchion

    Falchion Well-Known Member

    Not doing this update yet until I find out if it's flashing people back to stock and removing root access.
  14. UAjock

    UAjock New Member

    I did the update last night, took about 10 mins (after the download), phone rebooted twice on its own.

    Don't notice any differences in look or feel, guess it a more behind-the-scenes update.
  15. MadCat1118

    MadCat1118 Member

    When I check for updates I get "Check for update is not available at this time. Try again later." I wish this would come in for me! I want to see if this makes my phone perform better, fix the issues I've been seeing.
  16. MotoMoto

    MotoMoto Well-Known Member

    I think I read somewhere that you must be connected via WiFi to download this update..
  17. MadCat1118

    MadCat1118 Member

    I am connected to WiFi when I'm getting this message :-(
  18. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    I think that message happens when the servers are overloaded/busy. Try it again at an off time.
  19. Carlos A

    Carlos A Well-Known Member

    Same thing with mine, until it just got to a point IT JUST LOADED FOR EVER. Then i tried again by turning the phone off and back on, go to settings>About phone>system updates. And in a few minutes or less i got the message. You should try it. And you need to be connected to wifi.
  20. MadCat1118

    MadCat1118 Member

    No dice in the reboot :-( I guess I will just have to try in the morning.
  21. Qaddaffi

    Qaddaffi New Member


    I am from India and I got this Atrix 4G phone two weeks ago, an unlocked one. I am using it with a vodafone sim here and it works pretty good. The seller of this phone told me that this phone is unlocked with the code that is provided by AT&T, So I should be able to update the OS or using with custom ROM. Yesterday, I got a notification in my phone saying that an update on the software is available for AT&T users and enable WI-FI to begin download.

    I alomost all the sites, I read that this update is available only for AT&T users and I am not sure would I get the notification if the udpate is available only for At&T users. Also what will happen if I (who is not a AT&T user :))download and install the latest update on my phone.

    Will there be any issues with the phone (like getting re-locked) if I install the update ?

  22. Japanorama

    Japanorama Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised that this OTA update didn't fix the renown Atrix battery issue (showing the battery in increments of 10% rather than every 1%).
  23. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    I believe that is a Motorola quirk not an Atrix issue.
  24. Japanorama

    Japanorama Well-Known Member

    I see. Do you think Motorola knows about the issue? Maybe plans to fix it in the near future?
  25. charlyee

    charlyee Well-Known Member

    I don't even know if Moto considers it an issue. Motorola phones have typically been this way even the latest device, the Maxx has 10% steps. Its kind of how Samsungs do not have a notification LED.

    What I am disapointed in is that it didn't fix the battery jumping up by 15-20% after recycling power. This came about with the GB update, wasn't there before.

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