OTA Update scheduled for 10/23 (Tomorrow)General

  1. Spyral

    Spyral Member

    Gear up all you G1 users. OTA Update rolls out tomorrow, so be on the look out. Details on what's included coming shortly. Stay tuned. :)

  2. Jake

    Jake Active Member

    Wow where did you acquire this info!?
  3. Spyral

    Spyral Member

    Spoke with a Tier 3 PDA/Blackberry specialist. He stated that they understand all the bugs and issues, and want to get them resolved as fast as possible. T-Mo reps have been beta testing this phone since the announcement. Hence a lot of the bugs we are complaining about, they already know of. They said allow a few days for the update to propagate and reach everybody.
  4. Spyral

    Spyral Member

    Lol, sorry guys. This is all I got back from the T-Mo rep about the OTA update. Based in FAQ form:

    • What does this update do? This update will include enhancements (I don't know what is termed an "enhancement" and one bug fix that is visible to customers which makes all songs from Amazon available for listening.)
    • Why do I need it? So your device will perform better long term and you don't have to worry about corrupt files from Amazon.
    • When will I get mine? If you participated in the PreSale, you will receive it between the 23rd-25th otherwise you should get it by 10/31. For those receiving their devices after that date you should receive the update soon after you activate the phone (within 2 - 3 days). New phones from HTC will come pre-loaded with the update.
    • What if I don't get mine? Just wait for it, it will come.
    • What do I do when I haven't gotten mine by the time you said I'd get mine? Wait a little longer
    • Seriously, I didn't get mine. Where is it and when will I get it? Why am I missing out? Check your software version, you probably had the new software all along and were waiting for nothing.
    • How do I check my software version? From the main screen hit Menu > Settings > About phone > Build number. Look for where it says RC## The initial release is RC19. The Updated release is RC28.
    • Will I lose any applications or settings? Nope. Your settings and apps should be preserved.

    He briefly noted that he understands that this is a few and far-between update, and there doesn't seem to be much, however...supposedly they want to make sure the update system works before they roll out a major patch. *shrug* Typical b.s.
  5. Spyral

    Spyral Member

    Quoted from the messages lol:

    Talk about being a douche.
  6. Maximosis

    Maximosis Member

    This is exciting.
  7. Miss Spicy McHaggis

    Miss Spicy McHaggis Well-Known Member

    will one of the enhancements be the ability to save pictures from mms?

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