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OTA Update This AM?

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  1. oppendroid

    oppendroid Well-Known Member

    I was on my nook around 2am this morning and suddenly had an update download (I am not rooted yet). It doesn't seem that anything had changed though because the version is still 1.0.1

    Any idea what this was?

  2. WeZeL

    WeZeL Member

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  3. Cuerbo

    Cuerbo Well-Known Member

    I've noticed that the NookColor has issues, at times, connecting to WiFi even after this update. My Android phone suffered from the same and would require a restart to work around the issue. Have you guys seen the same with yours?
  4. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!! VIP Member

    There have been a few times when it doesn't want to connect after waking it from sleep. I've found that turning wifi off and back on corrects the issue for me. I haven't had to reboot it to establish connectivity.

    The only issue I have had that requires a reboot is that occasionally the UI locks up and the screen doesn't respond to touch. I've remapped the volume +/- keys to the back and menu keys and while the screen doesn't respond to touches, the 3 physical buttons work and cause a response (the device isn't completely unresponsive). I've had this happen a couple of times just in the last day or so. Could be an app conflict I suppose.
  5. RuhRohGeorge

    RuhRohGeorge Member

    If you surf around the 'official' Barnes and Noble Nook Color technical forums, fully 5 threads out of 10 pertain to various issues with WiFi connectivity. With my own, I can get a WiFi address and hold it just fine with everything BUT my home WiFi router, and my home WiFi router connects to everything else BUT the Nook Color. So clearly, 1.0.1 didn't fix everything.
  6. Patmos

    Patmos Active Member

    Wow this sounds alot like my situation. I connect perfectly to 2 routers at work, my verizon mifi but at home on my linksys i lose connection everytime it goes to sleep. Sometimes it takes several tries to reconnect. I have spare parts and and have wifi to never sleep but it doesn't help at home.
  7. malachi1313

    malachi1313 Member

    No probs here. Mines updated and rooted and I have a Netgear router and everything works fine :)
  8. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    the wifi situation is going to be hit or miss depending on the user. i had a gentleman come in who absolutely could not get wifi to work with the hotel he was staying at. i put the update on his NC and sure enough he came back to say it worked.

    an NC not working on wifi almost always presumes a wifi connection that is being attempted by tether or is some place not commonly used by many consumers for usual usage (such as a hotel wifi)

    though, ive had a verizon customer not have it able to work. i dont know the details of how it went down, but she called their tech support line and they walked her through setting up her FIOS router to work with nookcolor.

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