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OTA update to 4.1 with root?

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  1. sharpshout

    sharpshout New Member

    My phone was updated to 4.1 through the OTA update the released today. I previously had root but after the update nothing would work right and my phone was next to unusable. I managed to get it to do a factory reset and it works fine after that (well minus all of my stuff missing).

    Is there any news for a 4.1 root for this phone? I've tried the guide stickied to this form but its not working when ever it goes to upload the files it says permission denied. Am i completely SOL?

  2. pntballr

    pntballr Member

    i hope so. i depend on root for a lot of things.
  3. pntballr

    pntballr Member

    has anybody tried using the gs3 root like the last time? i will try it if i can geet a reliable member to tell me that it should be safe. also, is there anything i can do to help with any sort of root? i am kind of an android noob, but progressing.
  4. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

    That method will not work anymore.

    The only current method of rotting this phone after the JB update is to go back to stock ICS, root it and use OTA RootKeeper. After that you can apply all updates

    Be advised that the superuser included with s3 root tool isn't compatible with OTA RootKeeper, so you will have to downloaded the leatest version from google play.
  5. ssweat

    ssweat Member

    Is there a way to update this phone to JellyBean other than OTA? I have it flashed from Verizon to Cricket and don't want to lose the flash. Will there eventually be a rom or file I could use to update it? Sorry for my ignorance on the matter and thanks for any help.
  6. Sean70

    Sean70 Member

    Anyone hearing anything about how to root after the OTA update? I seen the comment about using root keeper but I would rather not reflash and start all over again after just doing it. Been scanning the forums but not seeing anyone really talking about the Stellar.
  7. backwards1979

    backwards1979 Well-Known Member

    pretty much the only way for now. i know it is time consuming as i have just done this myself. IMPORTANT: back up everything!!!! move all items to ext storage. after the flash and update, then bring your backups in. i personally didn't :( so dont make the same mistake. i will say that the time spent to flash back then root, rootkeep then take the ota was worth it. now i'm current and rooted as well as debloated.:)
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  8. ssweat

    ssweat Member

    can anyone answer me?
  9. ghost901

    ghost901 Well-Known Member

  10. ssweat

    ssweat Member

  11. RavenDRB

    RavenDRB New Member

    Anyone know where I can get the stock ics to flash ba
    ck and root?
  12. ssweat

    ssweat Member

  13. RavenDRB

    RavenDRB New Member

  14. HarielA4

    HarielA4 New Member

    I would like to know as well how u flashed that file. Im familiar with Motorola devices. The samsung stellar is new to me.
  15. RavenDRB

    RavenDRB New Member

  16. ssweat

    ssweat Member

    the 1st one i linked is a standalone flasher, unzip it, put phone in recovery mode then run it and wait, as far as I recall

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