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  1. PeterD2

    PeterD2 Member


    I've got an (unrooted) Moto G and have just got an OTG cable to play with.
    I plugged in a USB stick and it mounted no problem. :D

    Couple of questions,

    1) How do I unmount the stick when I've finished with it? I just unplugged and got an error message, which cleared OK, but I guess it's better to unmount properly.

    2) Once I've mounted the stick how do I copy files easily between the Moto and the stick? I guess I need a file manager app, if so, has anyone got any recommendations for a good one from the play store?



  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    welcome to the forum peter im using root explorer on a htc m8 i just return to one of the other storage locations. i get the sd has bee........ removed. explorer is a free file browser for non rooted a lot of people swear by es file manager. i hope this helps you
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  3. PeterD2

    PeterD2 Member

    Thanks Kevin

    OTG works no problem mounting USB sticks.

    Downloaded ES file explorer and it works fine selecting/transferring/deleting files between the phone and USB stick.

    I found how to unmount the USB stick in settings > storage. Afterwards a message on the top bar says "USB storage removed" which can't be cleared? But that's trivial, I can live with that.

    I know this might be the wrong forum to ask, but will this work as smoothly on the Nexus 7 tablet as smoothly as they have on my Moto G?


  4. DeathToFlesh

    DeathToFlesh Well-Known Member

    Settings, storage, hit unmount sdcard

    Edit: didn't see your second post..

    It should work just the same on the tab as long as it supports otg you're good to go
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