Other chargers with Evo?

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  1. tuz

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    Jun 15, 2010
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    Excited to be joining the community as Sprint finally got some more Evos last night! I am switching from a Palm Pre and I'm pretty sure the chargers are the same type (microUSB), and of course manuals and Sprint reps say you can only use the Evo charger with the Evo, but does anyone really know if it's okay to use my Pre charger with the Evo? (not to mention my bluetooth earpiece which is also microUSB!!!)


  2. Scooterman1

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    I compared the charger rating on my iPhone Wall Chargers with the HTC EVO charger that came with the phone. The ratings for Voltage and Amperage are the same. Therefore, I just buought some MicroUSB/USB cables from Sprint and used the iPhone wall adapters where I needed extra chargers.
    If the connectors are the same, and the Voltage and Amperage are the same, you should be able to use them.
  3. Benjie

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    Jul 9, 2010
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    The micro USB connections come in 2 flavors from Sprint - for Palm devices and for the rest. When I ordered my Evo from Sprint, I ordered a mobile charger. The home charger works fine and stays in the receptacle. The mobile charger kept coming loose. I wandered into a Sprint store looking for a cable to fit the Evo and was not able to get one. So I purchased their Travel Charger Plus. It charges, but the cable/fittings do not support the disk mode. So, not all cables are created equal. The voltage is important, the amperage means it charges a bit faster/slower. In my car I have a USB charger that is rated just below the regular charger and frankly, it does not take that much longer to charge.

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