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  1. baller1661

    baller1661 New Member

    I'm new here and am wondering if there are alternative providers for Casio phones (The Commando in particular) or if Verizon is the only one that provides service For Casio cell phones.
    Also if there are other service providers, which would be the best.
    Any help will be appreciated.



  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hi baller1661. Welcome to Android Forums. I'm pretty certain the Commando is exclusive to Verizon. I'm guessing the other Casio phones are as well.

    I hope you enjoy your time here at AF and thanks for joining the community.
  3. firewall23

    firewall23 Member

    Olbriar you dosn't right. Commando works on any CDMA2000 x1 and rev.A networks.
    My friend send me Commando from USA to Uzbekistan, i reprogrammed CDMA unit and use Commando at Uzbekish provider - Perfectum Mobile.

    And i know many peoples who used Commando in Ukraine and Khazakstan at country providers.

    p.s. Sorry for my English.
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  4. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Your English is fine. I stand corrected. Thanks for sharing the information.
  5. LimitedRelease

    LimitedRelease Well-Known Member

    Go to the dialer and type:
    the pass is 000000

    here you can find you cdma setting

    I haven't personally done this, but if Im not mistaken you shouldn't need to change the settings a lot, but when you go to your other service provider they will need some of the info that can be found here to put into service tables.
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  6. firewall23

    firewall23 Member

    A have software for CDMA unit programming and may upload and share this.
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  7. baller1661

    baller1661 New Member

    Thanks, for all your responses.
    What I'm wanting to do is a full flash to Cricket, if that's possible.
    Any ideas out there?
  8. firewall23

    firewall23 Member

    If you or your friends have any phone on Cricket thats possible
  9. krrt

    krrt Member

    In America, try PagePlus.

    I purchased a Commando (v110, it turns out) from eBay, planned to use it on Verizon w/a pre-paid plan from their website. BUT - Full Stop.

    Stupid Verizon, wouldn't let me/didn't want my business because the Commando has Push-To-Talk, and no PTT phones are allowed on prepaid plans - something they DO NOT mention anywhere on their website. After researching this and planning and budgeting for several weeks, let me tell you I was royally pissed to be informed of this by the phone rep when I called to activate.

    So - I called PagePlus. No problems, and I am now on what is actually a cheaper plan than the Verizon prepaid, but am still using the Verizon network. Dumba$$es. :)

    And I just rooted the phone successfully. All is good!
  10. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

    that depends if Cricket uses verizon-like towers, meaning towers that support the CDMA type wireless system.
    If criket does not support CDMA, then it is not possible. My friend wanted one of my commandos, but his plan was on straight talk. they use GSM, so no go.
  11. jhightman

    jhightman Member

    I use Net10.

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