Otimus T P509 - root and clean system memory "know how"

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  1. BobbyGoose

    BobbyGoose Member

    root - for versions prior of 2.2.2 use Z4root, for version 2.2.2 use gingerbreak (i used v1.20)


    sd card storing - to move apps to sd card that are listed as "phone only" in App2sd (app that moves apps from internal storage to sd storage) use Titanium Backup to move to sd card. open titanium backup and click the backup/restore tab, press and hold on app you want to move, a menu comes up, choose "move to sd card". (this gets the apps App2sd could not)

    pesky preinstalled apps - also use Titanium Backup to "freeze" unwanted apps you dont want to ever use. BE CAREFUL ON WHAT YOU CHOOSE. LEAVE "LG HOME" ALONE. stick with the basics, demo's, app pack, drive smart, car home, memo, messaging, swype, twitter, visual voicemail, wifi calling...

    after doing the above my battery lasts more than twice as long.

    gingerbreak v1.2 download link:
    GingerBreak-v1.20.apk - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

    z4root v1.3:

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  2. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    Where do people like me (total newby to android and this more-confusing-than-my-phone forum) that don't even have a clue what "root" means (I wish I knew) go for less high-tech mumbo-jumbo conversion? I want to ask somebody where to set my "cookie" options. I tried to read about and understand them to no avail. I would like a simple true/false or yes/no answer. Or maybe there's no easy answers. Sorry to bother you. I'll go look for my classroom now.
  3. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    No. I've been here before. I at least know that cause I found that other thing I wrote here earlier. Where's one of them guides that said something about introducing myself but wouldn't tell say where. Actually I think I was talking to myself way back then too. This ain't fun no more. Maybe someone will follow the smell...
  4. RobertB-DC

    RobertB-DC Well-Known Member

    I just tried to use Titanium Backup to move an app to SD, and it's been stuck "Processing" for about 30 minutes. Nothing special about the app, as far as I can tell (Reliant Energy app to check home electricity usage, no reason it shouldn't move to SD).

    I had to power-cycle the phone to make it quit trying. When I went back, the app had been successfully moved to the SD card. All's well that ends well, I guess... Is this something you've come across before, by any chance?

    Oh, and to answer "sleedeane"s question about how a noob would go about rooting for the first time... I'm a total noob myself, so I put the step by step process in a thread in this subforum (titled "Bloatware Must Die!"). Though the thread's pretty old, so they've probably figured it out already.

    Edit: Just FYI, the "stuck" condition in Titanium Backup went away when I changed one of the settings. Click "Problems?" in the app, or see the "Bloatware" thread for details.)
  5. kylelastname

    kylelastname New Member

    Is the world conspiring to give me a virus before I can root?? I've tried several links to the Z4root . I get virus warnings from all of them. Even when I tried attaching it to my email (send to myself/sideload) Google says "virus threat". I ain't sending that to my phone.
  6. metrony

    metrony New Member

    I FU I froze LG HOME , and am in LG hell ,screen goes through welcome and sticks in android , bat out, power button, volume,home button at once tried . i dont know where to find the rest of the easy fixes, but I think LG home is the answer from your post.
    if your still around or anyone, my lg p509 titanium , i froze "lg home"
    i have android 2.2, rooted with gingerbreak z4 would not work, froze with not titanium , but another one , super user and all ok. LG HOME dummy here
    kernal version buildserve#1 sun uct 219:10:09kst
    build FRF 91
    i had the update that ended in the 10l 10L i think G was before and the L su@ks
  7. BobbyGoose

    BobbyGoose Member

    email yourself the lg home file. its what i did, i cant remember the exact route, but i had to email myself the file and place it back in system with a file explorer program...off the top of my head i think thats what i did. if you cant fix it, i will step by step it...
  8. Hafe2000

    Hafe2000 New Member

    oh guys who can tell me how do I root my android phone without PC?

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