Otrions aftermarket extended batteryTips

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    Hey guys I ordered myself one of the 3800mAh batteries I read about on here and I cannot complain about how my phone holds yet another tweak I owe solely to androidforums thanks but has anybody seen otrions battery they just released it is I be live 24.95 and rated at over 5000 (almost 6000mAh I think) on their website I paid three dollars for mine with the door on amazon this is only on otrions website I can fathom a battery almost twice as big as the 3800 one but this is epic I'm thinking of ordering it and using it to power my house its freaking amazing that's laptop sized on some models if anybody has bought one tell us how it is to have a nuclear powered phone please they really are taking this to the next level hahaha

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    Only once in a while:p;)
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    Oh my...
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    The Battery!! (You twit)
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    Of coooourse....

    Meh I personally don't need an extended battery. I use juicedefender for prolonged life. Works great for my needs

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