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Otterbox back in stock!Tips

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  1. androidphiltn

    androidphiltn Active Member

    Just got an email to let me know that the otterbox for the Samsung Fascinate is in stock... Can be used with our phones in case anybody wanted to know. $34.95.

  2. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I ordered mine a few WEEKS ago. feels like a few months.

    I'm still waiting for my Otterbox case for both the Mesmerize and the Galaxy Tab.
  3. dukeofbluz

    dukeofbluz Well-Known Member

    I bought one and im not real sure about it, I dont like the soft rubber at the top of the phone, I keep the phone in my pocket and always grab the top to pull it out. I went back to my hard case from US Cellular for now.

  4. jamoosh

    jamoosh Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for something that covers the screen, ports and camera when not in use as I am pretty hard on phones.
    Does anybody have any suggestion?
  5. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member


    Otterbox man! or wrap your phone in duct-tape ha

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