OtterBox Case Comparison (Photos)Tips

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  1. chugginalong

    chugginalong New Member

    Decided to upgrade to the Evo 3d from my blackberry after being on the fence for well.. way to many months.

    Anyway, I picked up a case right after I bought the phone, the only one they had in stock was the defender after getting home I decided thats to much protection for my office dwelling ass. Long story short I ended up with the commuter case and the defender, and before I get my $50 back for the defender, I thought Id snap a few picks for anyone that is debating between the two. Ill skip explaining the differences because thats already been done on



    Feel free to repost, move this or whatever.

    Oh, and loving the new phone.

  2. SVN S1X TW0

    SVN S1X TW0 Active Member

    Should have looked on amazon. They usually have these types of cases for around $25. I'm waiting on the ballistic hc case. That dumb system for keeping the rubber secured around the edges of the screen otterbox uses just doesn't work for me.
  3. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...the Otterbox commuter is working great for me. Granted, their known problem with the top of the case being a tad bit too tall is an issue but aside from that it is great.

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