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  1. Slugdoc

    Slugdoc Well-Known Member

    I got an Otterbox (IMPACT) case for my wife's Droid Eris.

    I have verified that when the case is on, the proximity sensor does not operate at all.
    Take case off, works fine.

    Case is on correctly (there's not a whole lot of ways to have it on wrong).

    Pressing it harder onto my head (which one shouldn't have to do) or holding it farther away don't help, either.

    Anyone else have this? Does the other Otterbox case do this?

    Anyone want to buy a gently used Otterbox? Cheap?

  2. alexhendershott

    alexhendershott Well-Known Member

    I'll buy for cheap. :p How much you want?
  3. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I have the Commuter, and it does not.
  4. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    I too own the commuter case, and the proximity sensor works perfectly. The case does not interfere with any of the phones operations.
  5. Zerethusta

    Zerethusta Well-Known Member

    Tried resetting the phone since installing it? May need to recalibrate proximity sensor or somesuch. Wouldn't be the first thing a power cycle has fixed.

    Or a weak proximity sensor to start with. Any comment from the Otterbox people?
  6. Slugdoc

    Slugdoc Well-Known Member

    Interesting idea. Haven't tried that, since I'm not a big rebooter, and moreover, since the sensor works when I removed the case, I didn't think it was a sensor issue, per se.

    But let's see -- it is now rebooting.

    Aww, how cute, I had forgotten how sweet the 1.5 boot sequence is, with that little droid popping up. (I haven't 2.1'd her phone.)

    And let's see.

    Nope. Same issue. Really weird. The case does not seem to get in the way of the sensor, but the sensor just seems totally useless with the case on. Can't get it to trigger at all.


    Can anyone with this kind of case confirm or deny? (Impact, not commuter)
  7. hiromoto84

    hiromoto84 Member

    I also have something very similar to the otterbox (impact) case, and it does interfere with the proximity sensor. I recently bought another case from the same maker, but the smoky-clear version rather than the black which seems to fix that problem. Maybe it has something to do with the light being absorbed by the dark colored case?
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  8. Blue218

    Blue218 Well-Known Member

    I have the commuter case from otterbox....I ordered it thge day after it was released....and it does not do that....I've had no problems.
  9. MolonLabe

    MolonLabe Member

    I got my Otterbox impact case last week and have the same problem.
    I also noticed that the battery life drained much faster with the case on. It acted like it was searching for a signal or was roaming.
    There is a small red sensor of some type below and to the right of the proximity sensor that you need a bright light shining on the surface to see it.
    Taking off the case solves all the problems so the case IS the problem.
    I contacted Otterbox and they said they haven't heard of either issue before. Honestly, I find that hard to believe.
    They are willing to credit me for it and I can pay the difference for the commuter case.
    I guess thats what I'll have to do.
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  10. tee00max

    tee00max Well-Known Member

    did you order str8 from otterbox or from somewhere else?
  11. MolonLabe

    MolonLabe Member

    Direct from Otterbox.
  12. tee00max

    tee00max Well-Known Member

    o ok because i got my Impact series today and it does the same thing but i got mine from eBay.
  13. ashy_droid

    ashy_droid New Member

    I have an Incredible and had the same issues with my phone not hanging up. The screen goes black and the phone seems locked. The only way to get it to come back was to hook it up to my charger or take the battery out which can be a pain because its in an Otterbox Defender Series case. Turns out the hole drilled in my Otterbox case, for the bottom sensor of the phone, doesnt seem to be large enough for the sensor to work properly. I simply removed the case and drilled out the case hole for the sensor slightly larger. Works perfect now!!! Hope this LOW TECH solution helps :)
  14. zweebex

    zweebex New Member

    I used a q-tip with screen cleaning solution to clean both sides of the small window on my otterbox case on the front screen in the top left (the sensor is behind it). There was some dust buildup there that was in the way. Afterwards, everything worked fine.
  15. hvactech

    hvactech New Member

    I've tried all the cleaning things and even removed the "gray" tape they use over the holes I thought were giving me the problem but it appears to be the large "red" slender sensor at the top of the face. With the box removed and trying to call my wife, if I put my finger over the red area and the phone goes black if I remove it it comes back. With the box on it appears to think it's covered and you can't end a call or enter voice mail or any #'s if you need to. I first thought it was a delay or phone setting but now know it's the ottorbox that is causing this. This is ridiculous. I see that they have an 800# and hope to give them a call the first of the week. Worthless otherwise! I read what the one fellow said about drilling a hole out on the bottom but that's not where mine is and when I cover it it has no effect at all and the phone is fine. Ottorbox has to know about this, you can't tell me they don't
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  16. zapjb

    zapjb Well-Known Member

    I'm glad I got the Commuter.
  17. TopGrunt

    TopGrunt New Member

    this helped me find the prox sensor. I was having a problem with a skin covering it.
  18. TopGrunt

    TopGrunt New Member

    this helped me sort out whar was going on with my skin!

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