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  1. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

  2. aauussttiinn88

    aauussttiinn88 Well-Known Member

    i went to the cell guru and got my commuter that is normally 34$ for 22$ shipped in two days so i would hop on that as most places are out of stock.....gotta love google shopping icon
  3. TheBiles

    TheBiles Well-Known Member

    The Impact case is nothing but a silicone skin. I had one of my BlackBerry, and like all silicone skins it eventually got loose and the matte finish on the corners started to rub off revealing the shiny, slick, lent-magnet silicone below.
  4. acp

    acp Well-Known Member

    thanks I ordered the commuter one through cell guru as well
  5. imb951

    imb951 Well-Known Member

    Mine came today! I absolutely love it! The screen protector is great! I actually like it better than the anti-glare protector that was on before.
  6. mconigs78

    mconigs78 Well-Known Member

    do you have the link to the cell guru?

    Nevermind I found it. I googled cell guru and it came up with cell phone tests but then I scolled down and realized the site was "thecellguru.com" and I just ordered it it looks like it will take a week with the cheap shipping.
  7. Snagglepuss

    Snagglepuss Member

    Thanks for the heads up on thecellguru.com. Went there a few minutes ago and ordered the commuter. I have searched the net for a week or so and could not find a good deal. At cell guru it was in stock and $22.25 including shipping. Excellent deal:D:D

  8. karnoff

    karnoff Well-Known Member

    just got my otterbox commuter case in the mail today. absolutely love it. the plastic rubber combo is what I have wanted since I got my hero in Nov. had a plastic and rubber case on my iPhone before this. love the otterbox.
  9. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    got my commuter case on Friday.. so far I love it..
  10. aauussttiinn88

    aauussttiinn88 Well-Known Member

    yea i like to watch out for my fellow hero enthusiasts, it always seems as someone has otter box cases cheaper than otterbox themselves, weird concept but im not complaining keeps my hero lookin fresh and protected
  11. AVService

    AVService Member

    I would take that with a Grain of Salt?
    When I asked they said of course they would have one.

    Just like when talking to Sprint,ask 10 times and average the reply then just wait anyway.

  12. scmastertech

    scmastertech Member

    anyone know of a belt holster that the hero will fit in with the otterbox case?
  13. AVService

    AVService Member

    I am using a Ripoffs case for mine.
    I had one that I used with some other phone that was not deep enough and just found one for a BB that is perfect.
    Due to the plastic on the outside of the Hero case it slides in and out perfectly where the skin cases won't really budge.
    These are great cases and very well made but they do have LOUD velcro too.

    Sorry I don't know the model and I am out of town and can not look right now.

    Ripoffs ® Brand Hand-held Computer, PDA, & Calculator Holsters
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  14. Fubie

    Fubie Well-Known Member

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  15. mysticmead

    mysticmead Well-Known Member

    I picked up a foneGEAR horizontal case at Walmart for $10...fits with the Otterbox perfectly
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  16. Saltwater Hero

    Saltwater Hero Well-Known Member

    I have bought an otterbox for almost all my phones espically my blackberrys and I have been really looking forward to one for this phone but without a clip its worthless to me. I'll stick to my much lower quality seidio case w/ clip. If anyone has a seidio clip can you check to see if the otterbox case will fit into it??
  17. BOO5TED

    BOO5TED Well-Known Member

    Just checked, no.
  18. johnnyrotten

    johnnyrotten Member

    So I ordered the Zagg skins for the entire phone and the Otter...did I go to far trying to protect my Hero?
  19. BOO5TED

    BOO5TED Well-Known Member

    Nope, I have the same setup but with a mirror screen protector. :D
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  20. saint84

    saint84 Member

    Man I can't wait till someone puts one of these bad boys up on ebay, Us poor folk with no credit card are always scr3wed when it comes to getting all the good deals off the internet lol

    I've had them for my blackberries and talked my dad into getting one for his iphone, they're big but built like a tank, and from what I've seen of these pics it doesn't look as though it adds a ton of bulk to the hero, and even if it did, I would still use it I love my little hero lol
  21. saint84

    saint84 Member

    WooHoo, just found one on ebay, I'll pay and extra 10 bucks, 32 total for it, I guess that's the price Ya gotta pay when your credits in the crapper lol
  22. aauussttiinn88

    aauussttiinn88 Well-Known Member

    just got mine in the mail threw it on and maann i love it completes my phone..i used the silicone htc protecter and was a dust magnet and would pull my pocket inside out everrytime i grabbed it..if your on the fence about one just do it...fits so good in the hand now
  23. GLewis

    GLewis New Member

    I just got the Impact case today and it seems pretty good. It gives good protection and doesn't add too much bulk; but I was unaware of how lint, dust, pet hair is picked up by the case. I guess because it is Silicon.

    Anyone having this problem with the commuter case? I have the Zagg currently on it and an Otterbox lady said that this may be happening because of the static the Zagg shield gives off? I haven't heard of that before; but I think she might have been refering to the screen protector that Otterbox sends with the case; which I did not put on.

    So the otterbox people said I can return the Impact case if I am not happy with it. I might do that to get the commuter if it doesn't collect lint and dust as bad as the impact does.

    Anyone with some advice on whether or not the other case attracts less lint than the Impact case?
  24. aauussttiinn88

    aauussttiinn88 Well-Known Member

    i came from teh htc silicone which attracted mad dust ive had the commuter for about a day and so far nothing i can see where the silicone and the hard shell meet maybe being a cool place for dust to collect but only for people who store it in their pocket (which i mainly do) but i would reccomend the commuter for the hero to anyone i love it
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  25. EgeBamyasi

    EgeBamyasi Well-Known Member

    GLewis, yup the exposed rubber on the commuter attracts dust, lint, etc. but since the back part of the case has a plastic layer over the rubber, it's not as bad. I made mention of this 'lint magnet' in my review post earlier in this thread. I keep wondering if there's some sort of spray or something that would resist lint and dust on this kind of silicone rubber, sort of an Armor-All type product. Maybe Otterbox would have a suggestion.

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