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Otterbox Commuter Case for FascinateAccessories

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  1. sumfknguy

    sumfknguy Active Member

  2. Piercing Heavens

    Piercing Heavens Well-Known Member

    I like the look but I would like some real life photos before I make the decision to buy.
  3. stimr2

    stimr2 Member

    I haven't seen a commuter up close either. I've only seen the defenders. If I didn't buy my Seidio case I probably would of gotten an Otterbox. I hope someone does a review or a video review. Here's a video review for the commuter case for the Captivate. Should be close enough.
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  4. SupraLance

    SupraLance Well-Known Member

    Just judging from the poor photos at the otterbox website, it looks like the Commuter case for the Fascinate covers the front area above the screen, unlike the Captivate Commuter case in the video above, but more like the Captivate Impact case in this test (only with a polycarbonate shell on top): Otterbox Samsung Captivate Impact Series Case Review.

    2nd EDIT* I've seen better pictures now (xda) that confirm the Polycarbonate back piece is similar to the Captivate case, but the silicone does cover the top of the front on the Fascinate. IMO, this case is thicker and uglier but provides better protection than the Seidio case.
  5. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

  6. SupraLance

    SupraLance Well-Known Member

    Note the model number for sale on Amazon:
    Item model number: SAM4FASCI20E4OTR
    The model number for sale at Otterbox.com for $6 more is:

    The _A at the end probably means this is a revised case, with a larger speaker opening to line up better with the Fascinate's speaker. This is merely cosmetic, and may or may not be worth the extra $6 to you.

    **EDIT: it looks like I was wrong. Some people have received the case with the supposed _A revision, and are reporting it is identical to the old one.**
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  7. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

    I got two cases directly from Otterbox (after they came back in stock, which I assume would be a new batch) and used these codes:


    And the total came to $56 with free shipping!
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  8. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    Thanks for the info guys, i bought 2 cases and saved money too. Hopefully the change to the speaker opening has been made.
  9. SupraLance

    SupraLance Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys, it looks like I was wrong. Some people have received the case with the supposed _A revision, and are reporting it is identical to the old one. At least the discount codes (thanks to Bearly) made the price better than Amazon since it's the same thing. Post above edited.
  10. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I thought because I ordered after it ran out of stock, that I was getting a new "batch" with the speaker hole issue corrected. I was wrong.

    My case partially covers the speaker but there is no impact on sound.

    The case looks great and the screen protector is awesome.

    My only issue is that the hard shell of the case is a little more slippery than I thought; I prefer the texture of the Case-Mate Tough Case.

    But the Commuter is incredible. The button covers are great and allow easy pushing of the buttons.
  11. Soulflower

    Soulflower Member

    I have the commuter case and love it. It provides the most protection but it is not bulky. I was hesitant at first but it really is a great case.
  12. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    got a call from otterbox after i called earlier in the week to complain about the covered speaker and they said they do have the fixed cases and will send me the fixed cases (no charge, part of the replacement warranty).

    I will give you guys an update once i get my replacement cases, hopefully they fixed it.
  13. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Yeah please do I know more than one person contemplating otterbox. Hearing your CS story from them will be insightful for potential buyers
  14. Bearly

    Bearly Well-Known Member

    I'm too lazy to send mine back (speaker issue). The case is phenomenal: great build quality, excellent protection, adds the right amount of thickness.

    It's a tad slippery compared to the Case-Mate Tough Case, but it's protective as hell.
  15. stimr2

    stimr2 Member

    I just got my Otterbox Commuter case and I have to say I love it as much as my Seidio Innocase II. I wanted something with a little bit more protection. Probably going to swap between these 2 cases when my mood dictates. The first case I got was a TPU case and I got to say I didn't like it very much.

    Only problem with the Otterbox is the speaker cut out. I thought I was going to get the revision like SupraLance stated. I called Otterbox but I was the 40th person on the queue. So I left a message. Hopefully, they will call me back.

    Just noticed that Commuter case is out of stock on their website.

    Hopefully their customer service is just as good as Seidio's. I had some fitment issues with the case and Seidio sent me a replacement at no cost. Thankfully, the Seidio rep on here is proactive about customer service.

    Update: I just got a call from a customer service rep from Otterbox. The rep didn't know there was a revision. But I directed her to the website and the Q&A section. She still wasn't sure if there was a revision. But she placed a order to send me a replacement. However, since the case is now out of stock it will probably take 2-3 weeks to receive the replacement. Hopefully, by then I will get a revised case. I asked about the change in the SKU number. When I ordered my case it was SAM4-FASCI-20-E4OTR_A. Now its SAM4-FASCI-20-E4OTR_B. She told me the change was for a different batch of cases. I'll update again when I get the replacement.
  16. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    Well, i was told the same thing, that they fixed it and they would send the updated case with the fixed speaker placement....

    Well i got them this weekend (2) and they are both the old case (Rev_A). What the hell is going on over there? I will have to call them back and let them know that they screwed up again.
  17. stimr2

    stimr2 Member

    Sucks they sent you the old case. I hope I get the revised case. If I don't get the revised case, I doubt I will get another Otterbox product. I'll probably stick with Seidio products.
  18. stimr2

    stimr2 Member

    I finally got the revised case. Otterbox came thru with their customer service. Hopefully, everyone else gets their revised case. Here are some pics.

    Attached Files:

  19. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    Stimr2, thanks for the update, im still waiting on my fixed cases, i will contact them to see if they have them in stock yet.
  20. stimr2

    stimr2 Member

    Their website says they're in stock so hopefully you'll get yours soon. For some reason I think the silicone feels different. It feels more grabby/sticky and picks up more lint. It might just be me. Maybe my old case was just worn in.
  21. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    I talked with otterbox and they are shipping me the new batch, they said it still says Rev.B but the actual back shell is correct. I will wait and see.
  22. bmwidmer

    bmwidmer New Member

    I had the otterbox impact for my blackberry tour (just converted to android on saturday) and my only issue with it was it constantly got caught on my jeans and I dropped it. But for durability reasons it was a smart investment since i would constantly get so frustrated with the blackberry OS it would constantly get thrown threw sheetrock and other abuses that the phone wasn't designed to take.

    The only reason why i want a different material case was because it always got hung up on the openings of my jeans pockets.
  23. scaparotta

    scaparotta New Member

    Does the replacement warranty apply to cases bought from third party sellers or only directly from Otterbox? I'm looking at buying one on eBay for $25 since I've got approx. $13 in eBay bucks, but I'm worried I'll get the older version.
  24. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    Im not sure but i imagine they would still take care of you. Its a replacement, not a refund so you should be able to get them to replace it. Send them a picture of it as proof, it will help.

    Doesnt hurt to try.
  25. gamegod2x

    gamegod2x Member

    Finally got my fixed case! Im so happy with Otterbox and they sent replacements with no questions asks. Now the case doesnt cover my speaker anymore.

    Great product and even better service!

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