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  1. jmagruder10

    jmagruder10 Member

    The otterbox defender case is now in stock at for the captivate .That kind bums me out, I just gave up waiting for it and received my otterbox commuter case in the mail yesterday.

  2. Mide

    Mide Well-Known Member

    How is the commuter treating you?
  3. jmagruder10

    jmagruder10 Member

    Good so far for $27.01 shipped on ebay. But I have only had it 1 day. Raelly wanted the defender, I work in a rough place for cell phones.
  4. fromtheaudible

    fromtheaudible Active Member

    Would you mind posting pictures?

    I particularly want to see the top of the phone, where the USB port and headphone jack are.

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