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  1. bword

    bword Well-Known Member

    Cant quite find a Boost SGS 2 specific otterbox they exist or do we say we have the Sprint version will that fit??? thanks all

  2. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Anything for the epic 4g touch D710 will fit this phone. They are identical inside and out... Dont look for boost specific stuff... Our phone is D710bst. Just says boost on the box but its sprints epic 4g touch
  3. r3do

    r3do Active Member

    I can confirm that the sprint S2 otter box fits boost S2 perfectly. camera port is oval. I got the commuter model, love it with a HD zagg skin for the screen, its almost bullet proof
  4. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I would hope so, they are the same phone.
  5. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    After using mine for 3 months, the top right corner won't go back into place. Seems like it's been stretched too many times. The weird part is I've taken the phone out once or twice. I think it's because I used the headphone port everyday that caused the corner to stretch. Not trying to discourage anyone from getting this case, just wondering if anyone had this happen to theirs. It's still a great protective case.

  6. LEVERage

    LEVERage Well-Known Member

    Yea, it's a common problem with those types of cases. Otterbox is the best when it comes to customer relations. Just give them a call, tell them what's up with your case and they will send you a new one
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  7. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    I'll try that
  8. atownchevyboy

    atownchevyboy Well-Known Member

    I have it on my boost Sg2 and its working perfectly. I got mine from Radio Shack and it came with a 1 year free replacement if anything happen to it. Its the best case for these phones, IMO.
  9. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Finally got around to emailing them and got a free replacement within a week.
  10. nancybout

    nancybout Active Member

    I'm freshly using an otterbox... I dropped my phone and cracked screen so heck w it I'm staying covered lol
  11. jarin12ga

    jarin12ga Well-Known Member

    The otter box is water proof and all that ,but HUGE!!Very big case!!To big for some.So keep that in mind!!!
  12. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    A extremely nice case, but just a little to pricey for me lol......:)
  13. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I used to have a Otterbox back when I had my old Blackberry 8330, but then I was using it at work and sometimes would be on a boom lift 30ft in the air working on a camera. Tough case, but definitely made the phone bulky..
  14. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    I have the commuter model , I believe that's what its called, and its slim and tight. Bout as thin as a good two piece cover could be. Slides in and out of my pocket just fine. NP. If I do switch though I'm going with that trident case. That thing looks siiiick
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  15. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

    Now that would be the one I need to check out then, I like something tuff but not over sized lol, I like mine but I have been looking around for something different.....:)
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  16. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    I think I only paid like 35 bucks or something for it. Wasn't more than 40$
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  17. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Check out amazon. It's usually half off what you'd pay at best buy or your carrier.

    Usually around $15 for a commuter case for most phones
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  18. greg schmeg

    greg schmeg Guest

    I looked on amazon for epic 4g touch otter box commuter and it didn't show the one I have but it showed the commuter hybrid... Didn't exactly look like mine. So I figured I'd post of pic of what mine looks like.

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  19. NosTraDomus

    NosTraDomus Well-Known Member

  20. Doc

    Doc Well-Known Member

  21. nancybout

    nancybout Active Member

    Still covered... And happy lol phone fell out of a pickup truck and landed hard on concrete.... Not a scratch.
    I bought a commuter around 2 weeks ago... I alternate few days
  22. dthomas510

    dthomas510 Active Member

    after these last 8 months in Afghanistan i will ALWAYS put an otter box on ANY phone i buy!! if it can keep my phone looking like new after being over here, i dont think there is anything in the states that could possibly harm it!!
  23. nancybout

    nancybout Active Member

    Welcome back =) & your probably right lol:):beer:
  24. Dannynica

    Dannynica Well-Known Member

    Thank you,

    Thats nice to know:)

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