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Our New Tasker Forum

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  1. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    Yay! First post in new forum!

    First off, a big Thank You to Phases, for setting this forum up for us! :)

    I hardly know where to start. Let's have suggestions for content, and maybe start posting profiles we have created/started/ are working on?

    What problems are people finding with their android devices that a Tasker profile might solve?

    I'm just throwing this into the air because it would be good to get the forum organized but not at the expense of inclusiveness and creativity.

    Let's have some suggestions and wish lists!

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  2. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    I'm second!

    Thank you Phases!
  3. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    And thank you to the mods for moving relevant threads here! That's a big undertaking...
  4. megapixle

    megapixle Active Member

    How cool is that, the only Android app out of thousands to have it's own forum here. Shows just how awesome Tasker is.

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