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  1. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Ok, so for new to using UOT Kitchen... Can anyone please help us who would like to learn..

    As for my self, I know how to make it one, but what to go from there, like the very last tab is file upload, so how do we set this up.

    Also how to we set up the apk file, or do we need one to use, or or do we get a existing apx file and edit this with the new rom.

    For someone who likes to teach, please show us guys who want to learn the path. Thanks

  2. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, I see how to do everything on the page it self. Thanks
  3. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

    can we do bootanimations in uot?
  4. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Yes, But My issue is that I do not know how to get it from my computer to my phone, There is not Bat file, and if you go by the website it looks like you have to use clockworkmod, and I do not want to brick my phone.

    Can someone please chime in and help me with this. Also on the last part of the section, Where you setting the file up, I do not see the the 3rd thing there wanting me to pull out of my file and save to computer. Its the Com.HTC file. Im not sure if I have that one? what do I do.
  5. Grandfinalex

    Grandfinalex Well-Known Member

    I think that's why we have Odin. We also have CWM installed (well if you followed the instructions), so all you'd have to do is install from the zip in CWM.
  6. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    I have all that, but if im not mistaken they said do not install from CWM cause it will brick your phone, Its not set up for that yet, only for backing up.
  7. Bakedpotato

    Bakedpotato Active Member

    I flash mine with cwm all the time I think you have this confused with rom manager.

    Check that link out about rom manager
  8. put the zip file on your sd card.
    boot recovery
    select install zip from sd card
    install zip
    wait 5 seconds. phone will reboot.
    post every goddamn theme you make in different threads here.

    i recommend you back up your shiz. and make sure you have a few hundred empty mb's on your sd card
  9. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Well Thank you
  10. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Will do, now I will remake my theme tonight and start posting.
  11. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    i have a theme built, but need help..

    What do I put the script at?

    Also it says in bootanimation, what do I pick for this?

    I also cannot find the com htc resource in my admire, what do I do, and do I need this?
  12. all you gottta do is upload the 2 files it asks for, touch nothing else on the file upload page.

    screensize 320x480
    any location that says system/media
    find a boot animation you like by using preview
  13. EricJoneckis

    EricJoneckis Well-Known Member

    this made me lol.

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