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  1. sdelliott31

    sdelliott31 Active Member

    Hi all. Probably another simple Android question that I am not understanding. I have had the Captivate for a day and tonight it stated that I am out of memory. I thought I had 13 GB free on the internal card? I did download a lot of free apps last night but have 10gb free after music and photos. I have used the app killer to kill processes and then I can work again. What am I doing wrong. I downloaded 30 apps I believe. I thought I heard something only x amount for apps. If this is so, then if I install a micro sd card, then can apps go there?

    Thanks in advance. Right now this phone is a love hate thing.

  2. mtrsttr

    mtrsttr New Member

    its referring to the 512mb of RAM, I believe android 2.1 only sees 256 though
  3. c0ld29

    c0ld29 Member

    I'm not 100% but it probably means you are out of memory as in too much stuff is running at once, which is why when you kill some apps it starts running again. Kind of like you can't run more programs at once on your computer than it can handle.
  4. BLJones

    BLJones Well-Known Member

    If it is saying that you are out of memory as in the 16gbs the check settings to see if you unmounted the internal SD card

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