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  1. justaphase29

    justaphase29 Member

    Hi. I have a rooted Pantech Breakout. I'm using Links2SD and I've linked nearly all of my apps, yet I still have very low internal storage. Even though the apps say "Linked -> SD Card" in red in Links2SD, DiskUsage app is still showing them as being on internal memory. Can anyone please help? I can't get even the smallest of apps to install because I have "insufficient storage"


  2. nraines

    nraines Member

    Try the Broken Out ROM if you're up to something non-stock. It saved a lot of space on my wife's phone.
  3. justaphase29

    justaphase29 Member

    Thanks, but I'd rather not wipe my phone and have to start over. That also doesn't solve the underlying program of Links2SD not working
  4. mtmichaelson

    mtmichaelson Well-Known Member

    Just an idea, why don't you try to contact the developer of the app to find out why its not working? He may have different ideas if he knows certain phones have certain problems. I assume you repartiotioned your sdcard for it? If not there could be the problem.
  5. I've used link2sd. i read somewhere that sometimes you need to reboot for the disk usage app to realize the space is not being used on internal memory; so the system thinks it only has a little space but in fact it has much more. One other thing to note is that sometimes you need to reboot more than once because link2sd fails to see the extra storage on sd card sometimes at reboot.. Still very useful app, but better to put as much as possible on regular sd card.
  6. belovedson

    belovedson Active Member

    use titanium backup to backup your apps and then do a full wipe


    flash and you should be good to go. trust me if you dont you will run into problems later
  7. Bitthebeast

    Bitthebeast Member

    Using Titanium Backup is definitely your best bet. Back up your User Apps, and get an app to back up your SMS messages to your SD Card. Then make a backup of the system in Clockwork Mod, and flash the new ROM. If you aren't happy with it, you'll have a complete back up ready to fall back on.

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