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  1. Skirge

    Skirge Active Member

    Hi I have a HTC Sensation on Orange UK, a few people have complained about how I sound during calls, to loud. cutting out and such.
    I was I debated on contacting Orange to ask for a new phone but 3 days ago my Sensation lost service then started telling me I had no sim card in the the phone.
    I tried another sim still got the error, trued my sim in a different phone and it was fine.
    So decision made, rang Orange and my new Sensation came today, all is fine no sim error BUT rang my mate and same complaint, said my modulation is shocking, cuts out seems as though I am to loud and it makes his ear peace cut out.
    And no I am not a phone shouter lol

    Is this a common issue on the HTC Sensation, is it an Orange network issue or is there a way to turn down my microphone on my Sensation?

    Cheers for any help/advice

  2. Pugs1957

    Pugs1957 Well-Known Member

    I'm also on Orange. I'm told I sound as though my head is in a bucket when I make calls. I'm also unimpressed with the hands free/external speaker which is tinny. TBH I think its the phone as I'm on my second one.
  3. Skirge

    Skirge Active Member

    Yeah same issue with the handsfree built in speaker its very tinny... "head in bucket" is also a term I have had said to me.
  4. Skirge

    Skirge Active Member

    OMG such an easy fix, turn down your incoming audio, its your mic picking up the sound from your speaker, I have done this and its sorted the issue out 100%

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