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  1. nos33

    nos33 New Member

    So I am a noob here. I got a Galaxy S4 and its freaking great. I used to have the iphone and this is my first Android phone.

    My issue is with my work email through outlook. I have everything set up and it works fine during certain times of the day or if I am on my works wifi.

    So what happens is this: When i am away from work my outlook email will sync from around 7am to 4pm and that is it. If I am on wifi at work then it works fine too. My wifi at home does not work when syncing.

    All my other email accounts I have work fine any time of the day. Either on WiFi or LTE.

    My push settings are for every day of the week from 4am to 11pm.

    I am at a loss. My works IT guy has no idea and he knows a lot. (even though he is an apple nut)

    Any ideas or suggestions?

    I have tried other email apps with no success either.

  2. bhero

    bhero Well-Known Member

    It appears your work mail works during business hours well almost (4). Its very possible that is how your work has it set to function. The mail is pushed if its not pushed you will not get any mail. Unless you work for a really large place usually they use someone else's servers and the settings are not at the top of their daily thoughts and your it guy may not have made the connection
  3. WalkaboutDavid

    WalkaboutDavid Well-Known Member

    Android phones in general can be finicky with regard to exchange issues. I've also had some phones work right out of the box, and others not so well.

    My suggestion would to go to the market and download a trial version of TOUCHDOWN. Touchdown has an extremely clunky interface but it will connect to just about any exchange server on the planet with no problem.

    If Touchdown works, that tells you there is something about the basic S4 software that you did not monkey with to get it to function properly.

    If you have the same problem with Touchdown, then the issue is on your company's end.
  4. nos33

    nos33 New Member

    My last phone was a company phone and it was a iPhone 4S and it would push all day and all night. So maybe it is something weird on my phone. I will look into it further. and google and bing have failed me so far.

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