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Outlook mail - can not downloadSupport

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  1. dgkoss

    dgkoss New Member

    Now that my new Samsung Galaxy II is set up to receive my emails automatically from my Outlook email it seems to think it is the default account. When I try to force download messages in my Outlook on my PC it has an error message: Your mailbox is temporarily unavailable because another email message is being delivered to it or another mail application is accessing it. Eventually the messages download on their own somehow but usually a day down the road. I checked my setting on my phone and cannot seem to figure out a setting that will help. Any ideas?

    I also have my iPad to download messages too and it is hit and miss when the messages will download onto it. Always my cell gets it first. :cool:

  2. dgkoss

    dgkoss New Member

    Any suggestions? Can I sync my Outlook to my cell and as well to my iPad (which is synced now) :dontknow:

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