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Outlook not showing email as being read

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  1. ekummel

    ekummel Member

    OK. I have the Samsung Note and recently upgraded it to Ice Cream Sandwich.
    I am using the installed default mail app to read my corporate Exchange mail.
    On Sync Options I have Peak schedule set to Push and off-peak schedule set to Push.
    If I read an email on my Note, it will show as read on my note, BUT it will *NOT* show as read in my Outlook client on my work desktop.
    If I move an email to another folder on my Note, the email will move to that folder and Outlook shows that the moved email is indeed in that folder. So it is syncing as far as moving messages to folders, but updating the mail on the corporate server does not work for reading when done on the Note.
    This did not happen with Gingerbread. All email read on the Note showed as read in Outlook.
    Any ideas? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

    Oh and when I read an email in Outlook, it will show as read on my Note. So it works in one direction but not in the other direction!

  2. ekummel

    ekummel Member

    As an update.
    If I *DON'T* open the email on my Note, but instead tap and hold, then select "Mark as read", it will then show up as read in my outlook. It seems that reading email on my Note does not update the server that the message has been read.
  3. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    There is often an email setting that is something like 'Mark viewed messages as read?'. Does your email app have that?

  4. ekummel

    ekummel Member

    Not that I can see. I am using the default mail app that is on my Samsung Note. I went through all the configurations I can find and none of them say anything about viewed mail being marked as read.
    From several google searches, this seems to be quite a common problem with the default Android mail app.
  5. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    Took a look on my Desire HD (running IceColdSandwich) and the stock email app hasn't got the setting I mentioned, as per the Samsung app. However, I use K9 and that does have that setting. Can you use that?

  6. dewaynechapman

    dewaynechapman New Member

    Is there any resolution to this? I also have a Note and since the upgrade to ICS the emails will not show as read in Outlook. I also am using the stock email app.

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