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Outlook Web Access - Emails in Mail ProgramGeneral

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  1. mark f

    mark f Member


    I am a new HTC Desire HD user looking for some help on Outlook Web Access

    I would like to be able to read my work emails that I can currently access via normal browser, through the standard HTC or other email program

    I currently access using the following format

    Usual Browsrr: https://remote.mycompany.co.uk/webmail

    This opens the outlook web access link

    I type in my user id in the first box (ie markf)
    I type my password in the next box

    This then goes direct to the emails

    I am sure it must be possible, but don't know how, or what server, domain , user settings should be used

    Can anyone help / suggest an app and / or talk me through the set up of the mail settings


    Mark :)

  2. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    If it's work email then your IT dept. will have all the settings.

  3. arsenal_mjh

    arsenal_mjh Active Member

    Go in to the mail shortcut on your homepage, click add new account and click Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
    Click manual setup and now fill in the relevent fields.

    Email address: this is your work email address in full as in yourname@yourcompany.com
    Server address: Your webmail url, without the https:// bit. So remote.mycompany.co.uk/webmail
    Domain: Leave this blank, it should not be necessary.
    Username: This is the username as you type it when logging on to your webmail.
    Password: Again as you type it on your webmail.

    I can see by the url you posted that it has an ssl certificate, so leave that box ticked.

    Click Next and it should then move on to the next screen asking which services you would like to sync.

    After that you are done. All you now need to do is set up the frequesncy with which it sync's.

    If that does not work, then you will need to go back to your IT department. The reason for it not working could be because:

    a. the mobile services within Exchange Features on your Active Directory Username are not all enabled (or are not enabled at all).

    b. your company uses Exchange 2010. Exchange 2010 is 64 bit and as we have just found out 64bit Exchange accounts are not yet compatible with this phone.

    c. The url for your webmail is incorrect (there is a chance that the slash webmail on the end will not work, as that generally means you are required to login to a company website before logging in to webmail).

    These items can only be resolved by your IT department, well actually they can't resolve b. If it is the url, then they would need to amend the a record so that it points directly to the OWA server.
  4. mark f

    mark f Member


    Know it sounds odd, but I don't really want to have to ask the IT dept if I can avoid it! :)

    Is there likely to be a standard format, based on what my Outlook Web Access url is, or is it more complicated

    Any tips / examples of what the settings might be

    Mark :)
  5. arsenal_mjh

    arsenal_mjh Active Member

    See my post above :D
  6. BigladUK

    BigladUK Member

    Mark F,

    Have you tried just letting the autodiscover wizard add the settings for you.

    Click on add Mail account, Click Exchange then rather than clicking manual just put in your e-mail addy and domain password. This worked for both my exchange accounts for 2 different organisations.

    BTW one of them is an Exchange 2010 mailbox which works as expected so who every said you can't use them is talking rubbish.

  7. arsenal_mjh

    arsenal_mjh Active Member

    That would be the fine people from HTC :D
  8. BigladUK

    BigladUK Member

    Reading another thread there seems to be a little confusion between Outlook 2010 64Bit and Exchange 2010 64Bit. I'm pretty sure when HTC said Outlook 2010 64bit thats what they ment.

    Office is available in both 64 and 32 bit.

    I can assure you I'm happily running Exchange 2010 :)
  9. arsenal_mjh

    arsenal_mjh Active Member

    Yeah, that's why I asked in the other thread what they meant. Why would you sync your Outlook via USB, rather than via Exchange Active Sync.
  10. BigladUK

    BigladUK Member

    If you didn't have an exchange server for example. Some people use there ISP's POP3 or IMAP servers for collect there mail and store all there mail, contacts and calendar stuff in there desktop mail app like Outlook. I know it all seems a little old hat but I guess some people work that way.
  11. arsenal_mjh

    arsenal_mjh Active Member

    Yeah but the pop3 service would be in the cloud, so it would be more beneficial to add it directly.

    I suppose contacts would be a valid excuse, although you should be able to store this in the cloud also (on the service providers email account). Of course, if the service providers email sucks arse, as some do then I can understand wanting to sync with Outlook.
  12. BigladUK

    BigladUK Member


    That made me spit my tea out LOL

  13. appstew

    appstew Member

    Did you get your problem solved? Am interested as am having a similar problem. I have rung Microsoft and they are very approachable but cannot solve the problem. If your problem was solved was there anything that you did not mentioned in the replies?
  14. jayantadutta

    jayantadutta New Member

    I am using samsung Galaxy note. i generally use webmail exchange to access my official mails, but a strange issue i'm facing. while try to reply/ forward some of the mails , i'm not able to type in any text.
    kindly suggest if anyone has faced the issue and got a solution

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