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OUYA: Video Game Console

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  1. zombymusic

    zombymusic New Member

    I don't understand the appeal, it seems like our phones are more than capable of providing the same kind of experience including media playback and syncing bluetooth ps3 controllers etc.

    I feel like my setup is a perfect example - a long HDMI cable to the phone for touch screen games or just wireless PS3 controller for gaming.

  2. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Not everyone has the perfect setup. Some of us just like gadgets.

    I remember when the iPad was announced, everyone cried foul. "Why do we need an iPad? I have an iPhone or an iPod. The Ipad is redundant, it is stupid no one will want it."
  3. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    Ouya, can be a great platform for Android Developers. Since android tablets and phones all have different OS versions. Playing a game is a roll of the dice, some devices will play it and some won't. With the success of Ouya, it could bring some kind of consistency to Android gaming.
  4. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

    I see this as the next Amiga 500. A system where you can do anything you want on it that you plug into your TV. Games are important but the real value comes from the other apps that you could use on it. Imagine the educational possibilities. For example, an interactive multimedia history lesson.

    A lot of people were excited when Sony talked about using another OS on the playstation 3 but that was taken out (PS3 Firmware (v3.21) Update – PlayStation Blog). Even from the beginning, the other OS couldn't use the 3D hardware.
  5. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    I agree. Games are very important to get people to the system. From there it can really open up. I do wonder, how will tilting or swipe games work?
  6. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    For swiping, there is a touchpad on the controller.

    You need to remember, though. This will NOT have the android market. It will have their own market, so not every android game iwll be playable. developers who wish to leverage OUYA will need to take this into acccount when designing their games, so you will probably not see many gesture/sensor based games on OUYA at all.
  7. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Or they could just put accelerometers in the controller. Android already supports it. The kernel would have to be programmed to interpret it, though.

    I'm hoping Ouya becomes a success. It strikes me as the next Wii. Everyone thought the Wii was going to crash and burn because it didn't have the hardware specs that the 360 and PS3 had. IIRC, the Wii sold almost as many units as both of those consoles combined.

    It depends on the focus and the exposure. If you focus on fun games that are easy to follow and can be played for hours on end (with friends). You win. Nintendo has proven it and continues to prove it with their line of cheeky games on their consoles (both home and portable).

    The ~100 price point is going to be another thing. Those of people who do not want a tablet, or want a smaller phone, but still want to play these games will probably like Ouya. Those of us who are tired of Android fragmentation will likely want Ouya. As a standard gaming platform, it'll both create fragmentation but solve some of the issues simultaneously. Just like Amazon.

    As for FF3 costing $15. Yes, that is outrageous for a game that was released 18 years ago. Would you pay $15 for Super Mario Bros 3? Or the Legend of Zelda? There are other older games that have been ported over and cost in the $3-5 range. Sonic CD comes to mind. If Square keeps up the premium pricing for their classic games, they're going to earn a lot of ire.
  8. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    It should be noted that FF3 for Android/iOS is not exactly the same game and can't even really be considered a port. Aside from the updated 3d graphics, the story has also been heavily modified from the original. (while it's mostly small details rather than major events, but still, those small details add up).
  9. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

    The wii sold well because of its unique controller. I don't think ouya's controller is that innovative. If they only emphasize the games then it will be no match for the xbox360+kinect (which I have), let alone xbox720.

    I also don't want to get another box just to play more freemium/IAP games. I really want to get away from that on Android and towards more in-depth games. So I don't know what they are thinking with loads of cheap games.

    But if this is more than games, if you can check your email and facebook and all sorts of other things on your TV then it will do what other consoles can't.
  10. ktchong

    ktchong Well-Known Member

    The Wii has not been selling well for a couple years now. It sold well because of the of its innovative controller. After the novelty wore off, the sales took a dive.
  11. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

    It couldn't compete with kinect. I got the wii in the hope of getting good sword, knife and boxing games and they just gave us cutesy games. Games like wii sports were never realized to their full potential.
  12. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    My biggest problem with the Wii is I am Correct-Handed (what some would call Left-Handed) and many of the Wii games you can't switch from Wrong-Handed (or Right-Handed). I wish some of the games you could play with the controller as a controller or with the motion.
  13. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

    I would like the complete hands free of the kinect combined with the Move controller. I want to kick, slash and shoot my way through town.
  14. syi

    syi Well-Known Member

    Can I root my oyua?
  15. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Yes and the company supports this and it won't void your warranty. They are selling them pre-rooted if you'd like that as well.
  16. syi

    syi Well-Known Member

    That's so badass. I'm definitely getting one prerooted
  17. ksegui

    ksegui New Member

    OUYA not support Google play games as these must be created with OUYA SDK.
    On the other hand eSfere fully supports Google play games.
    The eSfere Multitouch Pad allows compatibility with any game. And with an app may be used as additional controller any Android or iOS devices.

    More info in Indiegogo eSfere project.
  18. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    After watching your promo video i see why no one is backing you guys. My biggest concern is that you have one shot of a circuit board and around 10 shots of people sketching vases and other cases. The gameplay video could have easily been staged as well.

    The controller sounded great until i realized it was a touchpad and not a display.

    You're also not asking for enough money for all of the things you want to do and offer by July. You want to do more than OUYA, but are asking for less then half of what they did.

    Your biggest selling point is the inclusion of the PLAY store, but if you don't get developers to change the coding for apps than many will not work well at all with your wonky controller, if at all.

    For a minute i was kicking myself for not holding out for this, but upon checking your site this looks like vaporware to me.
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  19. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    I did not know OUYA did not support Google Play games. Well whats the point in getting it. If I can't play android games already made. That's no fun at all.
  20. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood Moderator

    Because with how root and hack friendly the device is, developers are going to swarm to it to see what cool new things they can get it to do.

    Developer support =successful product
  21. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

    That may be true. But many people will not want to hack or root this. They just want to play. Not everyone likes to tinker around with their devices. :)
  22. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    Developers will be able to use the same app and optimize it for large screens, controllers and the specific hardware. It sucks to re-buy apps, but since it can be rooted and apps can be side loaded you can easily transfer and test all of your apps for compatibility. My guess is most will look like crap on a tv.
  23. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

  24. The Miki Show

    The Miki Show Well-Known Member

  25. TadeoNYC

    TadeoNYC Well-Known Member

    Great news!

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