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Support OV Not Turning On...

  1. Oldsig

    Oldsig Member

    Has anyone had issues with their OV not turning on?

    I have had my OV for a few months now. Unfortunately, I can no longer depend on it to turn on when I need it. I normally switch it over to airplane mode when I get to work. During the day I just tap the On-button, turn off airplane mode and I am able to quickly check my emails, etc. Last week it would not turn back on. It did not matter if I did a quick tap on the power button or a long press & hold as if I was rebooting it or initially turning it on. It just would not come back on. I waited several minutes and tried again. This time it came on as if I was rebooting it or it was completely off. A couple of days ago I loaned it to my wife. It worked correctly for her for a while and then it did the same thing. I also tried calling my phone but it went straight to voicemail. When she got home, I plugged it into the charger. The phone


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