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  1. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Alright i preordered a dual core box in late october from ovalelephant. He said it would be shipped the 5th, then sent out an email saying it was a manufactory problem and wouldnt be shipped til the 25th of november and that people who preordered could ask for a refund. Well i did and sent many and many of email (Around 20) with no reply back, then his website went down for "Maintence" and is still down for what now over a week. Ive currently done a paypal dispute, but if i were you and this site come back online i would stay far far away. It looks like i and all the other preorders might be out 100$ and he wont return their emails either. So just stay away, do what i did and get a neo x5 from geek b u ying instead.

    Also if you have any news or heard anything about oval elephant post it please.

  2. icemanmelb

    icemanmelb New Member

    thanks.. almost took the bate of getting one too.
  3. tokar

    tokar Member

    Here is their contact info (thanks to google cache):
    Oval Elephant
    2724 Chilton Pl
    Raleigh, NC

    +1919.727.6825 (OVAL)

    See if that is of any help. If you live near NC, you could take a drive.

    Being that they are in the US, I would suggest contacting the Better-Business-Bureau.
  4. nls83

    nls83 New Member

    I've had the same exactly problem.
    I think that our friend is escaped with our money...

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