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Over Clocking Kernel for SPH-M930BST

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  1. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    Over Clocking Kernel for SPH-M930BST

    ==== '''People worked with/owe thanks to:''' ====

    • Davegrow - for testing and solving some issues
    • Chevanlol360 - for new source info

    ==== '''Disclaimer''' ====

    Flash it at your own risk. Neither myself nor the phone manufacturer/carrier is responsible for any damage that may occur to your device through the use of this OC Kernels. Modifying your phone in any way voids your manufacturer's warranty, so if you brick your phone do NOT return it...it was YOUR fault, so buy a new one!

    ==== '''Changelog''' ====


    Kernel v2.2:

    1. Fix: Wifi


    Kernel v2.1:

    1. Fix: SIO Scheduler
    2. Added: Deadline Scheduler
    3. Boot.img - 1) Added BusyBox 2) Fixed netd 3) Fixed rmt_storage


    Kernel v2:

    1. Updated: Source from to
    2. Changed: Scheduler to SIO
    3. Added: TUN
    4. Added: CIF
    5. Added: UBIFS
    6. Added: LATENCYTOP


    Kernel v1.1:

    1. Fixed: WiFi


    Kernel v1:

    1. Added: OC up to 1.9 Ghz
    2. Added: Interactive, InteractiveX, Smartass, and Smartass2 Governors

    ==== '''Requirements''' ====

    • A rooted phone
    • A custom recovery installed

    ==== '''Instructions''' ====

    • Download the Boot.img from the link below and extract the folder to where your backups are located on you sdcard(should be in /clockworkmod/backup).
    • Download the Module Injector and copy it to the root of your SD card. Do not extract this zip!
    • Reboot into recovery
    • Make a backup
    • Select backup and restore > Restore > 2012-05-04-BobZ
    • Navigate to install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard > BobZhome_SPH-M930BST_Module_Injector_v2.2-signed.zip
    • Reboot your device
    • Once your device reboots normally, download SetCPU from Android Market and set OC according to your choice!

    ==== '''Download Link''' ====

    Boot.img(with Over Clocking Kernel): 2012-05-04-BobZ.zip MD5checksum = 5e47b4893a7883b30cb01836c8b592a7

    Module Injector: BobZhome_SPH-M930BST_Module_Injector_v2.2-signed.zip MD5checksum = 9b88340e020b10fb5c1185b484501ce1

    ==== '''How Can You Help?''' ====

    Donations to me are welcomed.

    Thank You!

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  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Haha sweet you guys got it working thats great, i was kinda starting to get mad with it lol
    CellBlock420 likes this.
  3. BobZhome

    BobZhome Well-Known Member

    You can include it in your rom...I posted it this way so that others that are stock only or are using another rom can also have it.

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  4. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Ohhh ok and thanks:)
  5. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Love the work!!!

  6. Liquidplmr

    Liquidplmr Member

    Getting nothing but failed downloads from mediafire both on wifi and 3g not sure if it's a problem with their server or my end however :-(
  7. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    Reboot and try again or download it via pc
  8. weirdfate

    weirdfate Well-Known Member

    sooo where has any one gone with this? im not to keen on going all the way to max! afraid its gonna fry something! :D
  9. Davegrow

    Davegrow Well-Known Member

    Ive been running 1.8 for a week but I would slowly check day by day until you find the best setting for you're phone because just because we both have ultras doesn't mean they'll act the same. I wouldn't suggest going to 1.9 I experienced a reboot every once in a while on 1.9.
  10. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    The highest i'll go is 1.5
  11. Liquidplmr

    Liquidplmr Member

    still no luck any other suggestions?
  12. Liquidplmr

    Liquidplmr Member

    ok got files to download now I'm getting an md5 sum mismatch...
  13. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Been running on demand 2016MHz all day no prob... when I had it set to performance the phone got a bit hot after about 10-15 mins then froze... had to pull battery... canged to power save with lowes low setting... it ran slow.. could not unlock phone after screen off... had to do a restore... do not set to the lowest setting, make it atleast a notch or two higher...

    Any how, with MrRee???RoM and this kernel I'm getting a score of 3600 with quadrant.... that's up there.
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  14. Davegrow

    Davegrow Well-Known Member

    Ya sorry forgot to mention that the lowest setting 61mhz is not recomended.
    The next one up 122mhz is alright though.
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  15. mabuis

    mabuis Active Member

    Same here...
  16. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    Are you doing an advadnced restore... restore boot?
    If so, Redownload...
  17. imfm

    imfm Well-Known Member

    Installed this kernel last night. So far no problems. Really makes a difference. Thanks to everyone who put time into this. You guys rock.
  18. Liquidplmr

    Liquidplmr Member

    Just did a redownload, reattempted it with the exact same result md5 mismatch it's telling me when I run an advanced restore on boot.

    Edit: got it to work apparently root explorer was mounted to r/w was on r/o when I extracted and moved on the redownload problem solved.
  19. Liquidplmr

    Liquidplmr Member

    Very impressed with this now that I have it up and running, been running stably and snappy as hell at 1.8 since earlier this aft. Thank you man!
  20. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    does over clocking work with starscrom?
  21. androidkrazy

    androidkrazy Well-Known Member

    seems to work fine with starscrom ive been running it on mine so far with no problems and i have some mods on my version no issues so far.
  22. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    it works for any rom... just follow the in structions... you willl be good to go
  23. TeachMe

    TeachMe Well-Known Member

    It should.
  24. DMajor239

    DMajor239 Well-Known Member

    I want to overclock my phone but one quick question. What's the maximum speed I should go by? I'm using CPU boost btw
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  25. sr17091

    sr17091 Well-Known Member

    No more than 1.6 because you don't want to damage your phone
    DMajor239 likes this.

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