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over clocking problem

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  1. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    so i am using the gingerbread kernel released on XDA so i can OC. It runs perfect, and I can over clock. however the problem is that when i want to use my camera it doesn't work AND the hot spotting does not work either. it will say its on but does not allow connections to anything. it also willl broadcast my SSID in both secure AND unsecured with the Unsecured at full signal strength and the secured at no signal strength.

    anyone have the same problem or have a solution:?


  2. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    Why do you want to overclock that high? Other than to say that you can, the phone runs smoothly at 1.1ghz
  3. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    im not gonna OC that high it was just an ability to. im going to run at aproximatly 1.5ghz smoothly
  4. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    If you are planning on running at 1.5 I would try the pershoots kernel. It lacks some governors but everything seems to be working. It also depends on what rom you are running. Not every kernel works with every rom.
  5. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    the kernel that i downloaded was made for the leaked 2.3.3 so idk. but i will try that or i just might jump to the new cm7 mod

    thanks dude
  6. MRguyandhis2

    MRguyandhis2 Well-Known Member

    well i ended up throwing in a new rom. its a cm7 released october 14th or 15th. its pretty sweet with OC

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