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  1. catchjeff

    catchjeff Member

    Anyone else getting the battery overheating warning on their Viper?

    I have gotten it 2 times already.

  2. tjsanders

    tjsanders Well-Known Member

    yes i have a sprint going too make you do a hard reset ##786# enter you service code which they will give you and then after that they will make you do ##72786# too reset your network and go thru hands free activation process and after 24 hrs doing that still didn't work. your have too have it replace with refurbish unit or they will have you go too sprint ready now too get a new battery
  3. catchjeff

    catchjeff Member

    I just got this phone and I will be damned if I trade it in for a refurbished phone. I hope they let me go to our sprint store here.


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