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  1. noirtest

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    When I restart my Eris, it starts synching. The synch can go on for up to 48 hours. Not kidding! Since this means the phone can't sleep, my battery life is reduced to maybe two hours and the phone gets hot. I use a Mobile Network on/off switch to save battery power.

    The Auto-Sync option under Settings is deselected, so it isn't any of my Gmail accounts, calendar, or native Facebook app.

    The last time I let the synch finish (by charging the phone at every opportunity), my phone lost all the names of contacts that weren't filed under "Google Contact". The numbers remained however. This could easily be a coincidence as well as an issue for another thread.

    Has anybody had a similar experience and solved the problem? This Eris doesn't have a lot of apps on it and I've checked settings on just about everything to find the source. Besides, what app could take up to two days to sync data?

  2. doogald

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    If you go into settings->accounts&sync, it should tell you what is syncing.

    I strongly suggest using nothing but Google contacts. If you need to factory reset and do not back up contacts some other way, you are tempting losing all of your contacts.
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  3. noirtest

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    I know it should tell me, but it doesn't.
    I'm watching that screen now, and the button that reads "cancel synch" will toggle to "synch now" for a moment and then back to "cancel synch". When that happens the 3G indicator illuminates.

    Looks like an application is set to constantly look for updates/download data/something like that?

    That was a hard lesson to learn about the contacts. Before I owned a smartphone, Verizon backed up contacts for me. I didn't realize they don't do that anymore.
  4. cdeen

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    I had a similar problem with my eris. It often happened when I traveled out of the area and it went into roam (or equivalent). I turned the phone off and then back on. And after a day or two it went away. One time I think it was the facebook update because when I uninstalled it stopped. I also stopped the obex, not sure what that is, but it stopped the synching.
    Good luck, please post if you find out what causes it, I would love to know.

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