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Overall health tracking app

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  1. machei

    machei Active Member

    Looked around, but haven't found anything that's like this:

    Does anyone know of an app that can track one's sleep and mood and overall energy level day to day? I'm looking for something that'll let me rate my fatigue level from 1-10, my overall (i.e. "How do you feel today") from 1-10, the hours of sleep I got, the minutes of exercise, that sort of thing, and then export to CSV so I can keep a record.

    Does something like that exist?

    Thanks in advance...


  2. machei

    machei Active Member

  3. OJsakila

    OJsakila Well-Known Member

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  4. machei

    machei Active Member

    Thanks for the response. I'll check it out. And yeah, didn't google just announce some sort of app builder? This may be something I can do myself. Thanks!

  5. Qrystal

    Qrystal Member

    Did you ever end up finding or making something that does this? I want this too! I was on the verge of making a spreadsheet, but then stopped myself, thinking that maybe there's an app for that so I can track myself when I'm on the go.

    I did find one that might help with tracking, even though it doesn't quite do all the things I want and it does quite a few extra things that I am not interested in:

    T2 Mood Tracker | T2 Health

    It was a winner of some Apps 4 Army contest, for people recovering from being in the Army or something. From the comments, though, it doesn't sound like this app can export data, so... I guess I'm just going to make a spreadsheet for myself after all. Personalization of a thing like this is extremely important to me, so I may as well do it myself! :)

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