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  1. Bole

    Bole New Member

    Hello, I've installed Cyanogenomod 7.2 on my Huawei U8650 (Sonic) today. I've noticed that I can overclock it and using No-Frills CPU Controller I set settings like this:

    Max freq: 768Mhz (it would reboot on higher)
    Min freq: 122Mhz (lowest)
    Governor: SmartassV2 (fastest as I noticed)
    I/O scheduler: deadline (didn't touch that)

    I tested many settings, but these work the best for me, so I got a question if anyone else has some better settings or some advice, as I'm new into this.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. fredworxz

    fredworxz Active Member

    Overclocking will burn out your cpu faster.....so i'd set it back to 600 unless your trying to run a game that needs the extra grunt

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