Overclock/Underclock? UKE 1.4.6

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  1. LonneWolff

    LonneWolff Well-Known Member

    I am running UKE 1.4.6 rom. The kernel version is #3

    To underclock/overclock a phone with an app, does it have to be a certain app that works with certain kernels or do all overclock/underclock apps work for all?
    And is there an app or a way that I can have my phone underclocking while it is locked/sleeping to save battery life? How much should I set mhz so it can be underclocking without problems? If I do have it to where it is underclocking while locked, will I have to wait a bit for my phone's processor to go back to it's original speed or will it jump right back up to the original mhz with no sign of slowness?

  2. turkbot

    turkbot Active Member

    Any overclock app works with all kernels

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