overclocking and undervolting in cm7

  1. scottymedic

    scottymedic Well-Known Member

    has anyone tried to over clock and undervolt in cm7 i have droid over clock and quick clock advanced havent tried them yet on cm7

  2. Kevmueller

    Kevmueller Well-Known Member

    I did with Droid Overclock and it seemed to really be running my battery down. I uninstalled and everything is running fine. To be honest I could not tell any difference between being overclocked and stock. I could before, I just think CM7 runs so smooth on the stock settings there is no reason so far.
  3. scottymedic

    scottymedic Well-Known Member

    what about undervolting with quick clock i can drop mine down to 16 vsel when i was on apex thinking about doing it and seeing how low i can get it on cm7
  4. Bugly

    Bugly VIP Member VIP Member

    milestone ran my battery faster, IDK if you really need to OC on CM7, it's pretty fast already

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