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Overdrive Media App - Audio Books

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  1. AndroidCozmo

    AndroidCozmo Member

    First time post here. I did a quick search with "overdrive" and it yielded no relevant results that I could see so I thought I would venture a post on this app.

    So far I'm finding that when I hit the download button at the library I'm logged into it is recognizing the download key but nothing is getting downloaded. I'm speculating that the library does not not have the tech stuff in place to download to the Droid but that's just it...speculation.

    I have contacted Overdrive with the issue and they replied and asked what browser I was using. I thought Droids only come with one browser. I told them I am using the default Droid browser.

    Any others having issues? I realize Overdrive is a new deal to Android but this could be a great app. Most of what we (wife and I) listen to is checked out or rented so this option is a great value for us.

  2. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    Actually, the DROID doesn't let you download files ... without some help. ;) Try this... If you don't have it already, install ASTRO File Manager. (A GREAT APP!!! So much more than just a file manager.) Open ASTRO > Press the Menu button > tap More > tap Preferences ... scroll down to the bottom and check Enable Browser Downloads. Let me know if that does the trick.
  3. AndroidCozmo

    AndroidCozmo Member

    Gave it a shot and it's doing the same thing. Just won't download the material. Astro looks like a great app though! :)
  4. dstevens63

    dstevens63 Member

    First time reply. Did you download the overdrive media console on your droid? I use it all the time. The only draw back is you can only download mp3 books.
  5. AndroidCozmo

    AndroidCozmo Member

    I looked things over and discovered the book I was downloading that prompted this post was a WMA file. So I tried again with an MP3 but ran into the same problem.

    messenger13 - I followed all the instructions you provided but that does not seem to be helping. I think I'll call the library tomorrow and ask them if they are all up to date with Overdrive.
  6. CegAbq

    CegAbq Well-Known Member

    An update - I downloaded the Overdrive app today; then went to my library & grabbed an mp3 book & dl'd to my computer; transferred to the Droid; went into the stock music player - and VOILA; loving my Droid.

    Edit: only problem right now is how to pause after the screen locks - that's not convenient at all; wonder if there is any workaround.
  7. gblinckmann

    gblinckmann Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried to get Overdrive to play MP3 audiobooks from MP3's? I have some books on CD that I'd really like to be able to play on Overdrive. It's about the only thing that I need my Zune for, anymore.
  8. AndroidCozmo

    AndroidCozmo Member

    From limited experience, it appears that Overdrive only allows you to play MP3's that are downloaded by the Overdrive software. So I think you're stuck playing your audio cd's with the music app or another if you've added it.
  9. bobarcher

    bobarcher Active Member

    I would like to be able to listen to WMA audiobooks, is there a player that will allow me to do this?
  10. dbrookes

    dbrookes Active Member

    After working with the android overdrive which is pretty buggy. I have started using windows overdrive to download the mp3's and then copying them to the droid and using the stock mp3 player. Much nicer not to use Overdrive as the player.
  11. sftl97

    sftl97 Active Member

    Will Overdrive be supporting WMA?

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