overdue telus htc desire delivery and have not received it yet

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  1. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    i ordered an htc desire from the telus website about 8 days ago, i live in canada, and i have not received my package yet. it says that they deliver it to the person within 3-5 business days, so far it has been 6. i sent an email asking for the status of my order and a tracking number, to the correct email address, last night, and i still have no reply as of this afternoon.

    does anyone know if telus is reliable at delivery?
    has anyone had this happen?
    how long does it usually take?

    a company called purolator or ats is supposed to deliver it to me by truck, obviously

  2. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    anyone? and is it normal for a delivery from telus to take up to like 2 weeks?
  3. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    ....no one??
  4. Frank_Toronto

    Frank_Toronto Well-Known Member

    I am waiting too. It's pushing a week and no update yet. They are supposed to send a tracking number and if I don't see it Monday, I will call back and rattle some pots and pans.

    By the way... I had to call to update my order info and the wait on hold was horrendous. My experience so far would prevent me from EVER going into a contract with them.
  5. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    ok i sent them 2 emails asking about the status of my desire, and they finally replied saying my order has been proccessed on tuesday august 17th, and to allow 2 more days for delivery, so it means i will probly see it on monday. hope you get yours soon.
  6. minzer

    minzer Well-Known Member

    i am just wondering what took them so long to submit my order, i ordered it from the telus website last week on wednesday, and they finally submit my order 4 business days later.. wtf?
  7. Frank_Toronto

    Frank_Toronto Well-Known Member

    Not sure what the issue could be but 4 days to process a supposedly in-stock item is too long.

    Glad to hear it is on the way though! :)

    BTW...Unlocking it or did you go on a plan?
  8. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Ouch the wait sucks but dealing with them is even worse, I've had some real problems with Telus over the past couple years and I'm considering paying off the rest of my contract in Sept, contracts is a dumb idea these days especially with the shitty support Telus gives.

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