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  1. Adara

    Adara Well-Known Member

    So, long story short, I need to turn bluetooth on while on a call.

    (Long story longer: it's because BT automatically turns off when I remove the phone from the iBolt car dock, and I sometimes want to transfer the call from my car BT to my ear BT ... which involves a brief stop at no BT in the middle.)

    Except, whenever I get near the phone to pull down the status bar and hit the BT toggle, the screen goes black. I end up with the screen flashing on and off four or five times until I can manage to turn BT on. This is annoying.

    I've poked around the forums and it seems likely that what's going on is my proximity sensor keeps sensing my presence and (since I'm on a call), it turns the screen off so I don't "cheek dial" or whatever. But I actually want to hit buttons while I'm on the call.

    Any way to make the proximity sensor less enthusiastic? Or ideas about how to best hold the phone so it stops doing this?

  2. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Could you place a BT toggle widget in the lower part of your home screen? I assume there are such things.
  3. Adara

    Adara Well-Known Member

    Funny you should mention that, as it dawned on me at about the time I hit "post." :)

    I may try that (although I do like my current, widgetless, home screen).
  4. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Well-Known Member

    Have you thought about leaving BT active all the time? I didn't like the idea at first, but it uses virtually no battery unless it is in "active" mode (connected.) I wear a fitbit and it updates periodically with the phone via BT, so I have to leave it on all the time. I tested the theory (very unscientifically) by using no BT for three days and then leaving it on constantly for 3 days. I saw no difference in battery life. Just an idea. Could save you the agony of having a widget on the home screen and the aggravation of trying to pull the shade down while on a call (I've tried that and it is tough to accomplish.)

    Good Luck,
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  5. Adara

    Adara Well-Known Member

    That is useful! I'd assumed BT was sucking my battery, always looking around for something to which to connect.
  6. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    I used to leave BT off on my old phone, mainly because I seldom used it, and when I did the program I used for a proprietary device would turn it on/off automatically. But now that I have a BT car stereo I leave it on all the time. I'm not sure how much power it uses, but I almost always have more than 50% battery left at the end of the day, so it's not an issue.
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