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  1. Hellion420

    Hellion420 Well-Known Member

    phone gets a tad hott, not too hott that it burns my hand off, but its enfough that ifeel should rasie concern, is it normal when im on fb and doing little things to overheat a little and if so is there any way to stop that?
    Running attain rooted with v6 supercharger, and got a couple of emulators

  2. 4evalozt

    4evalozt New Member

    My attain has overheated a few times when charging. So hot that it melted my ZAGG© screan protector! I checked the temp with a temp gun and the battery was a whopping 168°F!!! The screen was a tish cooler @ 154°F and the phone was STILL ON AND CHARGING! now im no expert on battery temps but DAMN, aint that hott?? By the way its happened atleast 4 other times with one or two times getting hotter it seemed but didnt get a temp reading. And yes, my attain still works 110%. Im posting this reply from it now... It overheated like that when i was either sleeping or away from it and it was at a completely idle state. Infact i almost always reboot at night before plugging in to charge while i sleep. Stock samsung charger/cable as well. I kill all background apps or anything running thats not neccessary too. When the overheating happens i check to see if an app re-opened itself and sucked down the cpu/battery but no such luck. I am stumped with this issue and have came to a "troubleshooters deadend". Any thoughts/comments/questions/concerns/backlashes?? :-D
  3. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    I don't know honestly, perhaps you guys got unlucky. My attain hasn't overheated a sinlge time, during charging or use.
  4. gitman

    gitman Active Member

    if you have a case, and charge it while covering it with a pillow or something similar, it will overheat
  5. 4evalozt

    4evalozt New Member

    No case and out in the open not under anything at all.... Weird, i know.
  6. jorgejacs12

    jorgejacs12 Member

    I noticed that mine gets warm when there is no coverage as I'm inside a building. To solve this I just put in Plane mode, since I know I won't be receiving any messages.
  7. Rapunzel209

    Rapunzel209 New Member

    My attain did the same thing and it reached 168 degrees as well. After trying all the common reason for that and no change and it got even worse. It no longer took a charge and it said overheating battery and unsupported battery and my phonr was 3 months old. I knew nothing i did wrong for that to happen so i had samsung take care of it on their expense....incluxing shipping too.

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