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Overheats and battery drain

  1. sweetpete98

    sweetpete98 New Member

    Okay so I woke up this morning and took my phone off the charger and headed to work. About 2 hours later I feel this burning sensation in my pocket and I put out my phone and this thing is burning up and the batter is down to 30%. I turn it off take out the battery, and turn it back on 10 min. later and attempt to charge the phone. I check about 15 min. later and the battery has drained to 20%. Any idea whats going on?

  2. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    Go into Settings->About Phone-> Battery use
    This should show you what is using up you batter.

    but you will have to do this when you see this behavior. Before you plug it into charge or turn it off. either of these actions resets the totals.
  3. Funintegras

    Funintegras Active Member

    Two cents its the GPS. Something, or program is using you GPS while its in you pocket. GPS running for 30 Minutes will eat all you battery. Usually maps, a location tracker, even the phone locator will use the GPS.

    Look for the GPS symbol on top, its its looks like it is trying to connect, then its running.
  4. nightelvesreasy

    nightelvesreasy Well-Known Member

    how long have you had your phone, ive had mine since launch and just last week my battery started getting very hot, now i know usage will make it warm, but this was too hot to hold on to, long story short verizon exchanged my battery and i have not had a issue since, maybe you have a bad battery

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