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  1. Faraday48

    Faraday48 New Member

    For awhile now, when I receive texts, my notification tone would play over itself with a one or two second delay. However, now that I have changed my ringer, whenever I receive a text, the new ringtone plays for a few seconds and then the old ringtone plays over top of it. But this only happens with my default tone, not app specific tones.

    How do I fix it or am I stuck with 1 ringtone forever?

  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    you've got something else set up that is also playing a notification. if you are using handcent or another 3rd party SMS app, both it and the default app are playing a tone. Another possibility is lightflow. If you have lightflow setup with a notification it may play a tone as well as the default program.

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