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  1. acd21

    acd21 Member

    I went in to my local VZW store on Friday to purchase the Incredible. During the purchase I was told that my order would be shipped by Monday at the latest and would be in my hands by Tuesday. I was also told that all other VZW's in Pittsburgh were sold out. Sadly, I believed him. Afterward I foolishly called BB and another certified store to check and they both had them in stock. Being as impatient as I am (and many others here are) I returned to the original VZW store where i purchased (about 2 hours later) and they told me they were incapable of cancelling my purchase. They seemed to insist more after I told them they were wrong about the other stores inventory.
    Anyway, I accepted that I couldn't get the phone this weekend. I called today to check on the order and was told that it would ship by Thurs....at best. Meaning I could expect it by Friday at the earliest...or next week.
    I realize that my main issue is my impatience for the device, but I'm also upset with the way the Verizon employee's presented the information.
    After reading rumors saying that ordered phones won't be delivered until 5/29 I kind of upset. I'm on a Storm 1 that's in the process of taking its last steps.
    Ultimately I'm not sure if it was true A) they are incapable of canceling my order and B) that anyone should bother getting their phones shipped, seeing as the reps probably are not going to give you the truth.

  2. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    sometimes you have better luck with *611. Even if you have to keep calling back to talk to different CSR and/or managers. If it hasn't shipped yet, I would think you could cancel!! Maybe try giving them a call?
  3. theeroopable

    theeroopable Member

    Ha. I'm in the EXACT same situation as you. Ordered on Friday 5/7 at 10:55AM, requested it with Saturday delivery (confirmed that she put this in there), Saturday came, my Incredible didn't arrive. Went back later to the store on Saturday afternoon to request a cancellation and just order it online so I don't have to worry about the rebate and just wait anyway, but was told that I can't cancel my order and that the phones aren't shipping until 5/26; because their distribution center is located in California. I thought to myself... I could just drive there and pick it up since it is only about 4 or 5 hours from me and I drive there anyway! Seriously?

    Before doing this, I called Customer Care and the girl couldn't even find my information in the system and told me I needed to return to the store that I purchased it from to get tracking information and order status. So I'm going to give them a call today as well.

    I'm just as impatient as you, if not more. I want my phone. My Nexus one busted on the ground, so I've been cutting myself on broken glass until I can get this one. (I voided my warranty by rooting so I can't send it back and replacement glass is $250, not worth it ;))
  4. acd21

    acd21 Member

    I called *611 yesterday and actually felt like I was being treated reasonably. I asked him about the backorder and he claimed that it wouldn't happen (maybe diff. b/c we're in opposite ends of the country?) and also told me that the people at the store that told me I couldn't cancel my order were wrong (or lying), if i had talked to this guy on Friday he would've fixed things.

    Called my store this morning and some girl told me it would be delivered today. Somehow she magically new this without checking to see if my ordered had even been shipped. I asked her twice to look it up b/c they were wrong yesterday, and after the second time she hung up on me (f***ing absurd). I can't wait until I finish lecture so I can call her back.

    Good luck with your shipment, bad luck about your nexus. I guess someone has learned their rooting lesson lol.
  5. theeroopable

    theeroopable Member

    Yeah, I definitely learned that lesson. :D

    I got my situation taken care of by getting into contact with Polly Phillips, she is the Executive for Relations of the West Area. I told her I was fine with waiting now for my phone and that I would just get a temporary one for now. She offered to just apply the $100 rebate to my account so I don't have to worry about that, and told me it's not the the 26th of May that the phone is shipping but the 21st of May, so 5 days less is better than nothing.

    She also told me that the shipment can be canceled the SAME day as when it was ordered much more easily than it can be on any days after that, but this too can be done, it's just more difficult. She asked me if I wanted to do this, I chose no, but I can give you her contact information and she could probably set you up with the correct Executive for your side of the world. I live in Las Vegas, so she is for the West Coast.
  6. acd21

    acd21 Member

    Oh, I'm in Pittsburgh, hopefully I won't be waiting that long but for some reason I feel that I probably will. The note I taped on my door for the Fedex guy will probably fall off before he comes to deliver.

    I would love her info, hopefully she redirects me correctly or at least gives me a clue as to when to expect this.
  7. theeroopable

    theeroopable Member

    About 45 minutes after I typed my last message, I received my shipping information saying my phone is going to arrive tomorrow..... :)

    I will message you her email and other contact information.
  8. adidas1124

    adidas1124 Active Member

    I too was told Saturday delivery when I bought my Inc's Friday morning 5/7... but didn't come Saturday or even yesterday... I just got an email notification that it was shipped today and will be delivered tomorrow morning... so, better than the 5/21 date I was given last night... but still not what was promised to me Friday.
  9. acd21

    acd21 Member

    Well. Some how after all that I got a voicemail telling me my package was at the fed ex center for pick up. No confirmation or shipping #. Hopefully you get yours early too.
  10. adidas1124

    adidas1124 Active Member

    Mine is being delivered today... so I'm happy again lol... glad you got yours!
  11. theeroopable

    theeroopable Member

    Got it!

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