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Overusage CPUSupport

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  1. Kataryno

    Kataryno New Member


    I got this phone past December and everything was great till a couple a days later. I saw a general slow down on the the phone.

    I checked the CPU usage and it's above 65%, sometimes reaching 100%. And stays always between that values. The apps are not consuming any CPU and the phone is idle but the cpu is consumed.

    I factory reseted it, it works for one day, after that the problem returned it, hi cpu consuming without any reason.

    Anyone had similar problem with this?


  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    First off... I'd like to say welcome to Android Forums. It sounds like you have a app gone astray. After your factory reset did you load any apps from the market? Did you look to see what frequency your weather and social apps are touching the internet? Those are the most likely culprits. Depending on the phone you have, you might have the ability to see what apps are running and what resources they are taking. This should give you a good clue what's draining your battery. The only other thing you might check is to see what sort of net connection you have. If the phone is struggling to connect it will definitely drain the battery quickly.

    I hope checking and watching the items mentioned you can narrow down the possible problem and then eliminate it.
  3. Kataryno

    Kataryno New Member

    Hello dear Olbriar,

    After factory reset i tried to stay only with base app's or downloading them normally and the outcome is the same, the overusage cpu.

    I think i found the problem app and what caused this situation but the solutions is far from my reach.

    i installed OS monitor and saw that widget from weather is cosuming 30% cpu taking the system to escalate to higher usage of CPU as well:


    After factory reset, comes with this:


    From this findings i have to conclude that widget weather is asking for info but the curiosity is that i don't have any widget active that requires weather updates.

    My phone is not rooted because i don't want to loose the warranty. Already send it to acer tech support but they made a factory reset, of couser it solved, by 24 hours, after that comes to the same.

    I thinks this must be a bug on the ROM or with the OS...
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