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  1. svoerle

    svoerle New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I just bought the new HTC desire c. Two things that annoy me and where I might need some help. First, to use the app to check my phone credit, I need to specify my phone number in the settings. However, I cannot find where to do that. There does not seem to be a part like 'phone identity --> my phone number'. Secondly; the qwerty keyboard. In my previous phone, HTC Wildfire, you could change the settings from azerty to qwerty without any problem. Here it does not seem to work like that. Do you have any ideas how to change this?

    Thank you very much!

  2. Mitnik

    Mitnik New Member

    To see your own phone number you need to go:

    Settings > About (right at the bottom) > Phone Identity > Should be on that screen near the bottom.

    To change the Keyboard settings:

    Settings > Language & Keyboard > HTC Sense Input > Keyboard Selection
  3. hannibal884

    hannibal884 New Member

    I've tried this but it shows no number. Any idea why that should be?
  4. AnotherJohnH

    AnotherJohnH Member

    No SIM card in the phone?

    (the instructions given above work for me.)
  5. TvoTuo

    TvoTuo New Member

    It should be listed under (if you haven't changed it) Voice MSISDN line 1. Aka your voicemail.

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