oxygen vs cyano7

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  1. popolaros

    popolaros New Member

    Guys hi.i tested both roms and i found that oxygen is much better than cyano7.when i installed cyano i had some issues such as wifi.i had to install again cyano to make it work.my spb shell 3d as the best launcher so far was crashed all time.and why cyano has so so so many tasks?you go to cyano settings and the half of them i dont understand.plus i loaded 20+ app and my phone started to slow very much.the only problem in oxygen was the usb connection tha my pc couldnt find,i bought an sd card 4giga and the problem finished by its shelf.No other problem found so far..i use x5 ideos btw..

  2. ryanrazer

    ryanrazer Active Member

    never tried cyano but i am using Oxygen and i am very satisfied... :)

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