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    Sep 9, 2008
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    Please be warned and advised that the strongest debates on Android Forums can and will occur here in the Politics and Current Affairs forum - join in at your own risk.

    There are extremely opinionated individuals on both (or even all) sides of most of these debates.

    Although emotions can run high when debating something that you feel strongly about, remember that you are not debating someone else's intelligence (or lack thereof), background or location, but rather the topic itself and their position on the topic. For best results try to back up your assertions with some sort of evidence, and also be prepared to have others find evidence against your assertions and shoot holes in what you have said.

    Personal attacks will just get threads closed or worse, so avoid attacking the messenger and stick to attacking the message. Infraction-able offenses are very gray in these types of threads so please stay as respectful as possible. We will try to just close the threads when out of hand.. but if members get too crazy-rude infractions will be passed out like normal.

    Enjoy the war, er, I mean the spirited debates to be found here.

    (Also, *do not* allow your feelings formed toward someone here spill onto other threads throughout the rest of androidforums. Thanks)

    -Thanks TS, for the write-up. I only added a little bit.

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