PAC-X5 4.4.4 Alpha

  1. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Well-Known Member Developer

    This is just an alpha, most of the same problems exist. If you'd like to test

    Keep in mind that it is alpha stage. Built with ZV5 kernel
    I flashed (google it)
    Still no sound and probably pleanty of other bugs.

    I Take no Responsibility for any thing you do to your device, USE @ YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

    Thanks to the community for support. Join us on IRC chat, freenode server; ##LG_VOLT channel

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  2. elisam98

    elisam98 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thanks for all your hard work!!

    I was wondering...what would happen if we replaced the generated boot.img with a copy of the stock boot image before flashing?
    Would that make things better/worse?

    EDIT: I tried it on my cm12 build and it wouldn't flash :(
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  3. slipk487

    slipk487 Active Member

    Cant wait for this rom. Was one of my favorite roms on my Lg G2 and my Evo 3d.
  4. cmdrdan

    cmdrdan Active Member Developer

    Did you update it with the new kernel?
  5. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Well-Known Member Developer

    sorry not yet
    maybe sometime this week or weekend.
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