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Package CorruptSupport

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  1. rhogg

    rhogg New Member

    I tried to update the system software on my AT&T Avail. Now the phone is in a restart loop. If I try to do a reset (power - vol up - menu) I get a package corrupt message. Is there anyway to get the phone working again?

  2. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    Can adb find it?

    This doesn't sound good.
  3. rhogg

    rhogg New Member

    no device not found and can't mount usb
  4. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    That sucks.
  5. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    Can you get into safe mode?
  6. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    I haven't seen safe mode since 2.1, and even then it came up on its own. Sounds sadly like a corrupt update and a new brick.
  7. kingmt

    kingmt Well-Known Member

    It has safe mode. I don't remember the button combo tho.
  8. rhogg

    rhogg New Member

    I was able to get into fmt mode so I downloaded the software kit from the zte website and got it back.

    I just can't get it to root.
  9. dlsc2111

    dlsc2111 New Member

    I am having this same issue... I can't get into stock recovery!!! HELP!!!

    Unsuccessful. The package is corrupt.

    That is what I get when I try to boot into stock recovery, anyway to repair this so I can gain root? The phone is working fine, I can get it safe mode as well. Would like to root this phone.
  10. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    At the boot animation, hold the menu button.
  11. stayboogy

    stayboogy Well-Known Member

    you must have a folder on your sdcard named "image"

    delete this folder

    that is the only way that i know of that will cause the "corrupt package" error

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