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  1. rugbypro

    rugbypro Member

    I am wondering if anyone else with the rugby pro is having this problem. Any advise? There are forums on how to fix the problem but not for my phone. I found the file /system/bin/dalvikvm so is this the file i need to delete? Also im really new at all this never rooted anything but for me to root my phone it says i need to use ODIN v3.04. I do not know anything about ODIN but i assume i would rather have 4.0.4 that came on my phone. After rooting is it possible to go back to the 4.0.4? Also is it necessary to do all of this? I haven't even seen another rugby pro have this problem in the forums. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated

  2. Motorhead1991

    Motorhead1991 Well-Known Member

    ODIN 3.04 is just that, version 3.04 of ODIN. It's not gonna flash android 3.04 to your device.

    Also, you can't delete anything in /system without root, but deleting that file (dalvikvm) will cause serious problems, like anything in /system/bin.
  3. rugbypro

    rugbypro Member

    what if i already deleted it? can i just use root explorer to make a new folder with the same name. when i do that the folder i created does not have the star badge looking thing on it

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